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Skull Martini

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I love a good dirty martini. Probably my favorite drink. What I don’t like is most of the stemware available in stores. They are usually quite boring. I was walking through the mall yesterday while waiting for our movie to start. We were seeing The World’s End, which was fantastic by the way. Anyway, I walked into Z Gallerie because there were some interesting things in the window. I was amazed at the cool collection of skull stuff they had and it wasn’t overly expensive. I quickly swooped in on these Mortini Glasses and walked out with two sets. So excited to use them. Not only perfect for the upcoming Halloween festivities, but also great all year round. They are so deliciously cute. Maybe I’ll start calling my favorite drink a Skulltini or even just a Skully. That’ll catch on, right? Get yours before they’re gone here.


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Skull Mug: The Search Continues…

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Okay, I admit it, I’m stupid. Surprised? Thought Scary Jane was perfect in every way? Me too! Actually I used much more colorful language when I was yelling at myself earlier today. Want to know what caused me to turn on myself? Well, here ya go. A few days ago I went into a Ross near my house. I pick up the weirdest stuff in there sometimes, so it’s worth a peek now and then. Unfortunately this time I was not finding much that caught my attention until I wandered into the mug isle. There on the shelf was a beautiful Skull Mug. In fact there were four of them. As you may remember I broke my favorite skull mug a long time ago and I have been searching ever since for a replacement. There are hundreds available out there, do a Google search, but none of them were as cool. These were not like my old one, but I just knew that it was the one for me. I looked at the price and they were ridiculously cheap at $3.99 each. Since I didn’t have a basket I left them there and continued looking through the store with every intention of coming back to get them. It was about 2pm and I was getting really hungry since I hadn’t had lunch, so I started going through the store a little faster. I didn’t find anything else I wanted and started to go back to the mugs when I saw the huge checkout line. I knew my stomach couldn’t wait much longer to be fed, so I decided (for some dumb ass reason) that I wasn’t so sure about the mugs anyway and I should just sleep on it. That night I realized that I should have just bought them. They were awesome and they were cheap. The next day I was just too busy to get over there. Today I was really excited about them and determined to go back. I got to Ross after lunch this time and went straight to the mug isle. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but they were all gone! I asked the lady that was stocking the shelves if there were more, but of course there weren’t. She then suggested I try other Ross stores. I got out to my car and tried calling all of the stores anywhere near me and no one had them. I spent the next 15 minutes yelling at myself in the car. Calling myself every horrible name I could think of and even made up a few new ones. I have searched endlessly online to no avail. I have decided that I am not talking to myself for a few days, so I can cool off. I mean how stupid can one person be? Learn from me. Never ever pass something up just because you don’t want to stand in line. You’ll regret it and never forgive yourself. This ends today’s lesson.

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Skull Boots

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Anyone who has a child knows that shopping for new clothes and shoes is a monthly practice. I absolutely hate shopping in stores, but I also can’t have my child looking like she’s getting ready for a flood. Scary daughter will be 9 years old soon and I swear if I stare long enough I can actually watch her grow. She’s a bloody weed! If she doesn’t grow out of them then she destroys them on the playground. She’s very athletic, so she’s always playing some sport and ripping her jeans during recess. Anyway, I could complain about that all day, but there is a reason I brought it up. I went to Target today to replenish her jean supply and sneakers. Keep in mind, shopping is pure torture for me. I want to be at home in my PJs and zombie slippers in front of my computer when I shop, not dealing with mothers who don’t control their brats. There was actually some demented child there that kept blowing his whistle. Of course his mom was oblivious to it and seemed to purposefully go wherever I went. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I finally got to the shoe department and got Scary Daughter some sneakers and started to leave. All of a sudden I saw them. They were surrounded in a halo just like in the movies. A pair of boots. But not just any pair of boots. These were black rubber boots covered in skulls! I got so excited and ran over to them only to discover that they were kids boots. No adult sizes. I was crushed. After standing and staring at them for a good 10 minutes┬álistening to the whistling freak, I decided that Scary Daughter needed them and I would just have to live vicariously through her. Why, oh why were kid’s clothes so boring when I was a kid?

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