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Zombie Shakespeare

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Zombie Shakespeare T-ShirtOnce again it’s T-Shirt Tuesday and I was looking around for the perfect t-shirt. I happened on this one from Hot Topic, which usually comes through in a pinch. Do you love Shakespeare? Do you love zombies? Well, now you have a perfect way to marry your two loves with the Zombie Shakespeare T-Shirt. On the bottom of the shirt is an updated quote from Hamlet: “Alas poor Yorick. I ate his brains.” That just cracked me up, but it got me thinking. It’s about time they did this to Shakespeare. I mean I actually can’t believe it took them this long. I’m not particularly a fan, but I don’t hate him either. Some of his stuff has become so corny with time that it just begs to be made fun of. Now I just have to wait for the Zombie Shakespeare movie to come out.

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