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Skull Ring

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There are a lot of skull rings available out there, but this one struck me as a little more unusual. I would especially love it if it came in different colors. I do wonder how it would hold up to everyday wear. I have worked with resin before and it can soften when handled a lot. It usually goes back to it’s shape, but in heat can get quite soft. A lot will depend on the type of resin and maybe the artist adds something to make it more stable. Either way, it’s very cool and priced at $13 is really affordable. Get yours here.


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Spider Earrings

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Are you kind of tired of the cutesy plastic spider earrings that you can buy around Halloween? Why not go for the real thing and get actual spiders encased in resin? Much better in my opinion. Check out these great ones from Morbid Attraction on Etsy here.


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