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Handy Thumbs

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Awesome “thumb” tacks. Very clever, but I do think the magnet version is more fun. Put them on your fridge and it looks like someone is trying to escape through the door. I think they would be more cool though if they were painted in a more realistic way with a hint of blood on the ends. I mean wouldn’t you want your friends to think that you actually might have cut off someone’s fingertips? Of course you could always be a little crafty and paint them yourself. Order your own set to personalize here.


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Zombie Poetry

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Whenever I throw a party for my zombie friends (trust me I have a lot) we have a hard time finding things we all like to do. Honestly, I’ve stopped having them lately because of it. If you don’t keep zombies busy they have a tendency to try to eat you. Now, though, we can all sit around the fridge and think up fun zombie poetry and haikus with my new Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit. Problem solved! Now if only I could figure out what snacks to serve. Get your own Zombie Poetry Kit here.


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