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Skull Radio

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Skull RadioIf you don’t know by now, I love skulls. I love anything with skulls on it, but apparently even I have my limits. I came across this Skull Radio and thought to myself that some things are just better left without a skull. This little plastic radio has a sound-activated skull that wags his jaw along to your favorite station and has light-up eyes. According to the website the push-button settings are “fun to use”. Really? I sincerely doubt that. I’ve never come across push-buttons that are anything more than functional. I don’t know. This just looks cheap and stupid to me. Not everything requires a skull perched on top of it. As a joke gift maybe, but that’s about it. Might explain why it’s marked down to $8.98 from $19.95. If you love it and can’t live without it wait a little longer and I’m sure the price will go down even more.

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