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Chanting Devil Worshipers

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Chanting Devil WorshippersA few weeks ago a reader told me about putting a ring of ghosts around a tree. Years ago I saw this as well, but did not think it was scary enough, so I created my own version. This has become probably the most successful and popular decoration we do in our yard. The problem we ran into was that the tree we had in our front yard was in a corner, so no way to put a ring of anything around it. So we came up with putting a large black plastic cauldron in the center. Inside we put one of those small flaming pot lights. You can also just use dry ice inside or a small fogger. Next we bought six strong garden stakes about 48″ long and six 6-8″ Styrofoam balls. We then put the stakes in the ground and pushed the Styrofoam balls onto the tops of the stakes to look like a head. I personally did not think the white fabric was all that scary, so I found some cheap black cloth at the fabric store and bought six yards. I think it cost $1.99/yd. I cut the fabric into six pieces and then draped each head and stake with it. Not completely over their head like a ghost, but more of hooded cloak. Once I figured out how I wanted the fabric to sit I glued it down to the heads. I then safety pinned the fabric right below the head and then a couple more times all the way down to keep the fabric closed. I pulled up a corner from each one and then the one next to it and tied them together. This makes them look like they are holding hands. When I was done I also added some small cuts to the bottoms of the fabric, so it looked tattered. We then decided this wasn’t scary enough and wanted some sort of creepy music. We ended up downloading some scary sounding monk chanting onto a CD. We hid a CD player in the bushes, turned on the flaming cauldron and ta da creepy Devil Worshipers. Later we decided to spray paint the Styrofoam balls black, which made it look even scarier. Every year we pull this out and it is by far the one thing we get the most comments on. I even get a little chill when I walk by and hear the moaning chanting monks. Thanks Beautiful Kind for reminding me of this project.

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