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Classic Horror Pillow

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I’ve been in mourning for the last week because it always makes me sad when Halloween is over. I know it happens every year, but I do try to keep it alive throughout the year. In my house it’s Halloween year round. This pillow is a great way to keep all things scary alive in your house. I absolutely love old horror movies and this pillow captures a taste of the classics. Horror Slave on Etsy offers lots of other styles as well, so check them out. This pillow is for sale here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.45.24 PM

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Scary Pillows

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Here are a few pillows that might make your house a little more scary friendly.

Found this one on ebay here. This is especially great for Halloween, but I would personally display it year round.

Or what about this one? Not sure I want to put my face on that. Would be fun for a guest room though. Found this one on Etsy here.

Zombie Pillow

Of course you could always make your own like this one from Love Bug Living that I found here. I think I may have a pillow lying around like that from another DIY project, but that was an accident. 😉

Bloody Pillow

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Baby Groping Pillows

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These hand pillows are supposed to cuddle your baby as he falls asleep simulating the feel of the parent’s hands. Very creepy and weird, if you ask me, and I consider myself pretty comfortable with most things creepy and weird. Come on people is this really necessary? Who would want to wake up to a pair of disembodied hands cuddling with them? Just pick up your baby and use the $50 for diapers. Now if you don’t happen to have hands of your own then by all means pick up a pair here.

Baby hand pillows

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Dead Girl, A Pillow

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Finally! Hasn’t everyone had the dream of waking up next to a dead girl? Wait. No, my dream is a dead guy. It’s Scary Hubby that dreams of the dead girl. Or is that him saying he wants to wake up to a dead Scary Jane because she spent $40 on a tiny pillow and stuck it on their bed? Who knows? Get your Dead Girl here.


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Tombstone Pillowcase

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Now every time you go to bed at night you can play dead. These personalized black tombstone pillowcases will make you feel like you are lying in your own grave. If you really want to creep out your overnight guests you can have these printed out and waiting for them when they arrive. Get your own set here


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Skull Pillow

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Skull PillowI took my usual trip to Target to check out their Halloween stuff. Unfortunately I was a little late this year, so a lot of the cool stuff I had seen online had sold out. Drat! I did make one great purchase, but it’s not on the Target website strangely. So you obviously can’t order it. You’ll just have to go into the store. It’s made specifically for Target, so I doubt you can buy it anywhere else. I took a not so good picture of it, so you can at least see what it looks like. It’s a very short pile velvet and then the skull part is raised with a higher pile. Contrary to the picture it is very black. I had to lighten the pic so the skull would show up. If you look at it in a certain light you can’t even see the skull. It is solid black on the back, so if you ever fall out of your skull mood just turn it over. There are a lot of skull pillows out there, but I really like the simplicity of this one. They also had a white pillow with Halloween words written all over it like scary, boo, halloween and stuff like that in different fonts. It’s cute, but specifically Halloween so I didn’t want it. Both pillows cost $12.99 each, so I quickly snapped up two of the Skull Pillows for my house.

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