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Pleather Lace Up Leggings

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These are the coolest leggings I have ever seen! I don’t generally love leggings, but these I am head over heels in love with. Where do they come from? England, of course, where else? And they ship to the US for only $10! Love, love, love these and have already ordered my pair. Even better they are made of imitation leather, so no cuties were hurt making them. These are on my “Must List”. I never really had a “Must List” before, but I do now. Do you get the feeling that I kind of like these? Buy your pair here.


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Talking Heads Pants

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Not sure why these are called Talking Heads Pants since they are clearly skull and crossbones and they don’t appear to be having a conversation. I like them and they look really comfortable, but I have some issues with them. First off they are called pants. Not lounging pants or pajama bottoms or even lingerie, just pants. Pants implies that you might wear them outside the house. I could understand a bathing suit coverup, but I can’t imagine too many women wearing them to go to church or even to dinner. I also have an issue with the price of $218. It’s basically a twist on your grandmother’s old tablecloth made into pants. Don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous, but I don’t know if they are $218.00 gorgeous. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth then buy yours here.


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Grounded the Kids?!

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I so love this time of year and sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all. I think all of the Halloween manufacturers are scared this year (pun intended). A few years ago it was so fun to go shopping for Halloween. Every year they seemed to come out with the coolest new props. I’m so glad I spent the money then because there is nothing but the same old crap out there this year. Seriously?!? Did they run out of ideas? Are they not producing as much because of the state of the economy? I was in Party City, Halloween City and Spirit Halloween yesterday and let me tell you, they are pretty much cleaned out. I was looking for something specific I had seen online but with no luck. I think this is the first time I have ever walked out of those stores with nothing in my hand. It got me to thinking about going more old school. You know, making all of the decorations yourself. Maybe in a year like this when there isn’t much to write about I can get inspiration from other people. I decided to go online and see what other people have created from basic stuff. I found this Grounded the Kids decor that is absolutely hilarious and a little creepy too. I just love the idea and what makes it a really great idea is that you can go simple like this or make them really scary. I found this on The Fun Times Guide. If you want to do it yourself click HERE for the directions.

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