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Teeth Bangle

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Whenever I go to the dentist they seem to be always taking imprints of my teeth. I hate having that done, but now I know what they do with them. They make bracelets out of them and sell them on Etsy. I’m beginning to think that I need a cut of the profits. If you’d like to maybe contribute to my daughter’s college fund and want some teeth around your wrist go here.


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Skull Clock

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Usually when it’s time for me to write a post I go to my handy dandy Booky Book. What’s a Booky Book you ask? Well, it’s basically my idea list for posts. I spend a ridiculous amount of time surfing the web and when I see something or someone sends me a link it goes in the Booky Book. Usually I just open it randomly and find something to write about right away. Today I couldn’t find it and out of just plain laziness I googled the word skull and eventually came across this Skull Clock. I covet this clock and at $34.95 it’s a no-brainer. That rarely seems to happen to me. No matter how much I love it though, I find myself wishing it were a little different. Maybe instead of the mouth opening up to reveal the clock the mouth could just open by itself to tell me the time. Though that’s probably just my laziness again. It would be especially cool if it had the voice of the Cryptkeeper. Oh how I miss that little guy.

* R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Without you much of what I do would not be possible.

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Tooth Tattoos

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Tooth TattoosThis is not so much scary as just weird. I understand people wanting tattoos. It shows off your personality or what you care about, but this is just plain strange in my book. A dental lab in Salt Lake City called Heward Dental Lab will tattoo any image onto your crown or bridge. Prices range between $70 and $250 depending on the complexity. My question is what’s the point? No one can see it. I guess you could open your mouth really wide and pull your cheek out and you are also giving your dentist something interesting to look at. Beyond that though, I don’t know. It’s a lot of money to spend when no one is going to see it. I know people put tattoos in strange places and on their nether regions, but then at least someone is seeing it. Well, I assume, anyway. If you are really into looking creepy putting a skull on your front tooth might be pretty cool, but I get the impression from the website that they mostly do inside the mouth. I think I’ll stick with the more standard body parts, thank you.

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