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Never Moon A Werewolf

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Never Moon A Werewolf T-ShirtToday’s T-Shirt Tuesday are words to live by. This Never Moon A Werewolf t-shirt basically points out that mooning a werewolf would not be a good idea. I mean everyone knows that a full moon brings out the werewolf in an infected person. Now of course I realize that the legend refers to the actual moon in the sky, but who knows? Do you really want to chance that just for a gag? This reminds me of something that happened to us last year. We were in England and we actually had a guy moon us while we sat and ate dinner on a patio. Two days later it happened again while we were walking on the beach and a week later it actually happened again. Crazy, right? Maybe they thought one of us was a werewolf and they were trying to catch us. We might have been, but quite a chance to take, don’t you think? Later we found out from a friend who lives there that it’s quite common to get mooned in England. Especially on the coast during festivals which is where we were. Too bad I wasn’t wearing this t-shirt then. Maybe they would have thought twice before they did it and we, including my 7 year old daughter, wouldn’t have been subjected to some random guy’s hairy ass. Just a thought.

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Vampire Bat Weathervane

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Bats WeathervaneI’ve been looking for a cool weathervane since our new house has a spot for one. Most of them are pretty cheesy with roosters, cows or pigs on them which I do not want. I found this deliciously creepy Vampire Bat Weathervane that will be perfect! Bats flying around a moon! How great is that? Wouldn’t it be cool if it cast a shadow on the sidewalk? Probably too high for that. I first saw that it was a garden stake, but then I found that there is a roof mount one as well. It’s well priced at $69.95 and it’s made out of recycled aluminum, so you’re helping the planet too. Win, win! Now I just have to figure out how Scary Hubby is going to get it up there, because it is really high up. Maybe you can hire someone to do that?

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