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Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery

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Speaking of creepy dolls I think I found some even better. Handmade by artist Bean Shanine from Bellingham, WA. Check out her dolls on Etsy here and in this recent UK article here.



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Cabin In The Woods

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Horror movies are just not that great anymore. This is my opinion, so don’t attack me for it. It seems like every time I go to see a horror movie I feel like I’ve seen it before. Every possible storyline has been done in every possible way. It’s sad because I just love a good horror movie. For some reason they all start out well and then end with a whimper. Last week Scary Hubby and I went to see the much anticipated Cabin in the Woods by Joss Whedon. Being lovers of all things Whedon we were expecting (hoping for) the best. What we got was something completely different. In short, it was amazing! Somehow Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard were able to turn the horror genre upside-down and take it in a direction it has never gone before. He did what many of us horror fans thought impossible and completely reinvented it. One problem though. Cabin in the Woods got the last word in on horror movies. There can be no sequel. He somehow was able to end every single horror movie storyline and leave no room for more. It will have to be a pretty brilliant script to truly revive/recreate this genre after this movie finishes it’s long run. Go see it! You won’t be disappointed.

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Evil Eye Ring

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Here’s one tip if you want someone like me to look at something on the internet. Have the word “Evil” in the title. I can’t resist that word for some reason. A reader sent me this link to a jewelry designer on Etsy and as I was looking around I found this fantastic Evil Eye Ring. I’ve seen a lot of eye rings in my time, but this one is really cool. it depicts two tentacles wrapped around a porthole with an eye looking through it. Is it the poor schmuck inside looking out or the creature looking in? You decide. Check out his Etsy page here for more information on this and other unique designs.

*Thanks Cat for the the link! 

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Monster Baby Dress

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When we had our daughter I spent hours looking online for clothes that weren’t the standard pink. I hate pink and I didn’t want my daughter to be forced to wear it unless she liked it. Of course my girl ended up hating all things pink and princessy just like her momma. Still finding things that were a little more edgy was really difficult. It’s not that I wanted to put her in leather and chains and become S&M baby. I just wanted an alternative to the pinks and purples. If only this Monster Baby Dress had existed when she was a baby. It comes from an Australian company called A Little Bit of Cheek. They have lots of great clothes and accessories for your alternative child. So you have to pay higher shipping costs… so what? She’ll be the coolest baby in preschool.

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Zombie Pops

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Now you can give zombies a taste of their own medicine with these Zombie Pops. They are made out of white and milk chocolate with a custom mold made by Starlingskies on Etsy, so you will not find them anywhere else. Who knew zombies were made out of chocolate? I would not have been so scared of them last time they chased me into The Winchester Pub. Next time I’ll just turn around and take a bite out of their brains first. We’ll see who’s doing the running away then.

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Climbing Skeletons

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Found another great Do-It-Yourself Halloween project today called Climbing Skeletons. I’m finding so many cool ideas! I wish I had thought of this before. Maybe next year I’ll plan the whole month to be Do-It-Yourself projects. Especially if new and different decorations are hard to come by again. I wish there was a way for me to do all of the ideas I’ve found, but our yard is only so big. Also, I like to keep things in a general theme which this would not fit into. Anyway, this seems pretty straight forward to make. All you need is 2 or more cheap 5′ plastic skeletons that you can find almost anywhere this time of year. You’ll also need some picture hanging wire which you can find in any hardware store and a ladder. I think this looks pretty simple and could easily be done in one day as long as you already have your supplies. For the directions please click HERE. I know this may seem confusing to some of you simpletons, but those of you who have eaten enough brains will understand. I actually found two different sets of directions for making this, but this one seemed more logical than the one I found on Halloween Prop Master. That’s the one this one was modeled after. Plus I just love the creepy way they are climbing up the front of the house. You could even go more crazy with this and dress them up like zombies or monsters. Can you imagine Zombies crawling up your house to get in the windows? Yikes!

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