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Tree Face and Arms Set

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Don’t get me wrong I like this and a year ago I would have thought it was a great Halloween decoration. Now, though, I see it and immediately think, “I am Groot”. If you don’t understand that reference then you need to get yourself to the movies and see Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Once you see that you will understand why this is not scary. If after that you still find it scary then you can buy yours here.


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Go Grayscale

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After a long search I have finally decided what my husband and I will be for Halloween. Well, mostly anyway. The details are still a bit of a gray area (of course pun intended). I found this article on how to go grayscale for your Halloween costume. Basically it means that you dress up to look like you stepped out of an old black and white movie. I absolutely love this idea, but instead of any old movie characters we want to go with ones from a scary movie. My only problem now is deciding whether to be Bride of Frankenstein and the monster or Morticia and Gomez Addams. I even thought maybe Frederick and Annabelle Loren (Vincent Price & Carol Ohmart) from The House on Haunted Hill, but maybe some of our friends wouldn’t get that one. It is my favorite William Castle movie, though, so maybe. I’ll have to decide fast, so I have enough time to get everything. If you want to go grayscale too you can find the instructions here.



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Felted Soap Zombie

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This has to be one of the coolest items I have ever come across! This little felted zombie soap dude is actually soap and a washcloth combined! I can’t begin to explain it as we’ll as they do, so here’s the 411:

– it’s made with our very own old fashioned goat’s milk soap (in various good-for-the-whole-family scents).
– it’s soap and a washcloth all in one, how convenient!
– the wool is slightly exfoliating (but not scratchy)
– the soap inside will last a loooong time, especially if allowed to dry between uses.
-when the soap is gone, you will be left with a flat little monster that can be used as a scrubby, carefully sliced open and used as a pouch for treasures or stuffed with soap slivers, or saved as a cute little treasure.

– no more slimy soap! perfect for little hands and for travel.

I cannot tell you how fast I am going to be ordering these!
Hurry up and get yours here!


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