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Bat Mirror

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20110810-122657.jpgWhen I first saw this Bat Mirror I thought it was totally cool and creepy, but I didn’t understand the name. Maybe I was stupid or just dense, but I didn’t see the connection. This was probably 6 months ago or so. Today I was poking around in my idea file and came across it again. I stared at it and then finally it just popped out at me. Now I just feel like an idiot for not noticing it before. Do you see it? Anyway, I am not a particular fan of the Batman movies, but I do love the old dorky TV show from the 60s. Bruce Wayne had so many bat shaped/themed items, but none of the manufacturers of these items ever figured out that he was the caped crusader? I mean who built that car? Where did they take it when it needed to be repaired? No one ever made the connection? Come to think about it I have a real problem with a lot of super heroes and their supposed secret identities. No one ever figured out that Clark Kent was Superman? Or that Diana Prince was Wonder Woman? The list goes on. How stupid are these people? I may not have seen the bat in the mirror, but even I could see that Prince Adam was He-Man.

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Skull Soap

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Black Skull SoapSo you think you have the ultimate creepy bathroom with the bloody shower curtain and rug, a razorblade mirror, the skull toilet brush and the skull towel holder? I bet you don’t have the ultimate scary soap. I’ve searched long and hard over the years for a good scary soap and I was actually rewarded today when I found this Skull Soap. It’s black and it features a scary ass skull on it. What more could you want? Well, for it to be available in the US would make me happy. This little rockin’ bar of soap made by Night Moth is only available in the UK for roughly $6.19, but that’s before shipping. They make other scary soaps such as Necronomicon, a coffin, R.I.P., a bat and even a gothic cherub. Really cool soap, I must say. Wouldn’t it be cool if they lathered up in black too? Or even red?

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Skull Mirror

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Skull Mirror closedSkull Mirror openI get so excited whenever I find something new with a skull on it. Especially when it’s something different instead of a scarf or pajamas or something like that. Those things are a dime a dozen. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Every few months I visit the Hot Topic website and check out their new stuff. Once in a while I get really lucky and find something cool like this Skull Mirror. It’s a small mirror at 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″, but that will fit nicely into your purse. This mirror is just so cool and only costs $6.99! You can’t beat that. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They have a few other mirrors available, but I thought this one was the coolest. I guess it’s not really for the guys, but do they really spend any time looking in the mirror after that quick glance in the morning? Judging by their usual disheveled look, I doubt it.  Time for a trip over to Hot Topic to pick myself up one.

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Razorblade Mirror

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Did you see Sweeney Todd? Fantastic film, though a little gory and disturbing. Who else could have pulled off that role but the chameleon Johnny Depp? Now you can have something to remind you of that film. A razorblade mirror designed by Phil Sims that says “Sweeney Todd Ever Appealing” on it. I believe Sweeney Todd used a straight blade, but it would still be a creepy addition to your bathroom as your new shaving mirror or even just as an art piece. If you like the idea of a mirror in the shape of a razorblade, but without the writing on it I came across this razorblade mirror as well.Razorblade Mirror

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