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Spider Costume Mask

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I’m actually not a huge fan of spiders to be honest. I always enjoy a good fake spider trick and the odd fake spider hanging on the wall, but the key word here is fake. I do not enjoy the real thing, but rarely am I scared by a fake one until I saw this mask. Obviously it’s not real, but it might just be a little too close for my taste.  If you want to scare the daylights out of someone on Halloween you might want to pick up this unusual mask from Metamorphoses Masks on Etsy here.


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Italian Pirate Mask

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When I was younger I just loved those ceramic Mardi Gras type masks that you hung on the wall. They were really popular and you could get them everywhere. Even though they were always pretty creepy I always wanted to find the scariest ones. Scary Hubby never liked them, so over the years some of them broke and the rest are where all those socks are that I lost in the dryer. You know, that magical land of lost stuff. I really don’t have a desire to have them back, so that’s okay. I did find a cool one online though, that I would love to have. Like most people I love pirates, but I don’t think there’s too many people that love them as much as Scary Hubby. Since he never liked them I thought I would never have one again, but then I found this Pirate Mask. I know once I show it to him he’ll like it. It’s still a mask, but it’s a creepy pirate, so he will probably give in. It’s available at Pier 1 as part of their Halloween collection, though I think it’s more of a year round thing. They have others, but I think this one’s the coolest. Now I just have to convince my pirate obsessed Scary Hubby. Shouldn’t be too tough.

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Screaming Mask

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mask2Technically this piece is actually called Yawning Mask. When I saw it for the first time I didn’t think he was yawning at all. It looks more like a ghost or something screaming. It totally creeped me out and therefore earned a spot on my blog. I actually found this in a Signals catalog, which surprised me. Once in a while they have an odd piece in there, but this one was just too creepy to pass up. Maybe it’s the way it’s photographed that creeps me out. There’s just this emptiness behind it that makes it appear soulless. Is that a word? Anyway, I can’t imagine anyone but someone like me wanting this in their house and I’m not even sure about me. It’s beautifully hand carved in Indonesia from Hibiscus wood. It appears to be very smooth. It states in the description, “Don’t be surprised if you have the sudden urge to yawn.” Really?! So far, I have not yawned even once looking at it. They also describe it as being humorous and serene. I’m not sure about that. It actually reminds me of the mask from Scream to be honest and they aren’t exactly serene movies, though they are humorous. What do you think? Does it scare you or make you yawn?

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