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Scary Anti-Bacterial

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a bit of a germaphobe. Movies like Contagion and Outbreak are just way too scary horrible for me. Those are just too over the top. I know, crazy right? I’m Scary Jane. I can’t be scared of anything, but I am scared of germs. After all my name isn’t Horrible Jane, though I know some of you may call me that. Anyway, I use hand sanitizer constantly. I keep a bottle in every room of the house, store, car etc. I have never and I repeat never seen a bottle of hand sanitizer that wasn’t just a boring old clear bottle or covered in flowers. Now remember, I am saying that I, Scary Jane, have never seen them. You may have and that’s bloody great, but I am just saying I haven’t (That’s for all you losers that email me complaining about the way I word things, my grammar etc.). Actually I never had a thought to look for anything different. About a month ago I was sent the link to these Scary Hand Sanitizers. They are made by Bath & Body Works. Apparently they have been making Halloween ones for a while now and I have just never seen them (see earlier comment above). They carry quite a few different styles including various bath products and even carry some that are more kid friendly.

* Thanks to Rosie for the link.

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Dead Sexy Bath Products

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I know I am not your garden variety girl. I just don’t like what your normal girl likes. Getting together with my girlfriends to get a manicure is not my idea of a good time. I don’t love pink, though I do love Pink. I don’t like ruffles, but I do like Ruffles. I really enjoy being funny, though. Anyway, I’m not a girly girl. I don’t squeal with delight and I never have. There is something that will make me get all excited. Anything with a skull on it, of course, but also things that should be girly like perfume and bubble bath that has a dark twist to it. I have a very bad habit of collecting unusual bath products. I don’t really even like taking baths or wearing perfume. My bathrooms are littered with various soaps, bubble bath, perfume etc that will never be used. I always open them to take a whiff, but then it gets closed back up and put on a shelf to be admired. The other day I got very excited when a reader sent me a link to the Tokyo Milk website. I fell in love with all of their products. The company’s product design is just awesome, but I especially liked their Dead Sexy line. I immediately ordered the bubble bath, perfume, soap and lotion. I can’t wait to not use them.

* Thanks BlueGoddess79 for the link!

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