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Zombie Decanter

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By now you all have probably seen the Crystal Head Vodka bottle that I blogged about here. Well, I just came across a new version, the Zombie Glass Decanter. This one is without the vodka or any other liquid, so you can fill it with anything from Kool-aid to Absinthe. Both, I might add, can be found in a lovely shade of green. Think Geek is selling them for $19.99, so clearly it’s a must buy at a great price. Can’t wait to pull it out for the Halloween party this year.

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Pure Evil

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Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock for quite some time because I completey missed this. I do like it under there, though. So dark and quiet. I might just head back there because it’s scary out here and not the good kind. Anyway, I was at the liquor store buying a gift for someone and I found this Pure Evil wine. I’ve never seen it before! Their slogan is “Perfectly Wrong”. Gotta love that. Should be my slogan. I did some research and found out that it came out in 2005. The winery that produces it has actually gone bankrupt, but it’s still available all over the place, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. I bought the chardonnay and it really tastes good. It gets great reviews online and it sells quite cheaply. I only paid $8.99. So go get a bottle and see what Pure Evil tastes like. I sound like a commercial. Yikes! Just try it already.

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Embalming Fluid Flask

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lfThis is a very cool little Embalming Fluid Flask. I suppose it is meant to be for your drink of choice whether it be whiskey, absinthe or even blood. I’m not sure I would want to put embalming fluid in it however since that would probably not be a good thing to drink. Just my opinion. Now if you’re stupid and happen to like formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol etc. and don’t mind possible death well then go for it. Who am I to tell you what to do? I do love the coffin shape and the poison symbol, but I would want it without the text. Isn’t embalming fluid inserted into the arteries or something anyway? I may be a little dim-witted in general, but I do know that a corpse can’t swallow. Seems kind of stupid to me. Now if it said Blood on it that would be a whole different story, because I drink that every day, of course.

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Crystal Head Vodka

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Crystal Head VodkaAre you heading to some parties for the holidays? You know you never want to arrive empty handed. Well, to show off your unique personality, or as some would say weird, why not buy them a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka? The bottle alone is worth the $49.99 that it will cost you. Plus there is a fun website where you can hear all about the thirteen crystal skulls that were scattered around the world thousands of years ago from Dan Akroyd who is part owner of the company. The vodka is even supposedly filtered through diamonds, though it’s hard to know how much to believe from the video. Either way this makes a great gift and I’ll expect mine to arrive soon from one of you guys!

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