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Horror Toilet Paper

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Bored while you’re in the bathroom? Now you can read and have the shit scared out of you with this toilet paper. It has a horror novel called “The Drop” by japanese author Koji Suzuki who is the same author that wrote “The Ring” series printed on it. How frightfully cool is that? Buy it here.

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Because you have hours and hours of free time. If you just can’t live without it you can buy it here.


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Drifter Girls T-Shirt

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Just when you thought I was done with T-Shirt Tuesday it’s back. A reader sent me a link to this T-Shirt site called Akumu Ink. Akumu is Japanese for nightmare. Gotta love that! They have some amazingly unique T-Shirts with this Japanese horror pop vibe that is so hot right now. I fell in love with most of them, but this blood red Drifter Girls T-Shirt is my favorite. It has a scary whimsical feel to it that I am very attracted to. Plus, I look really hot in red I’m told. Check out their website here for all of their great designs.

*Thanks to Trisha for the link!

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Zombie Brain

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Went out for some dinner tonight at a chinese restaurant that I haven’t been to in ages. Now they have a whole sushi bar, which I find pretty amusing in a chinese place. Anyway, I ordered my usual Orange Chicken and an interesting appetizer called Zombie Brain. I kid you not. It was basically half an avocado mixed with tuna. It was absolutely delicious, but I don’t get the reference. It didn’t look at all like any zombie brains I’ve ever fed on and it certainly didn’t taste that way. I forgot to take a picture of the actual plate, but here’s the picture from the menu. So, whenever I get a hankering for a Zombie Brain I’m still going to have to find one the old fashioned way, but this one will do in a pinch.

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