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Real Haunted Houses For Sale

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If you couldn’t get enough of visiting haunted houses over Halloween then maybe it’s time to invest in the real thing. Some of these look really awesome and spooky. I might just have to start saving up for #6. Check them out here.



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Play Dead

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There are times when I wish I lived in New York or at least near it and this is one of those times. Clearly last year was not my best and somehow I missed this little piece of scary news. There is a new, well new as in October of 2010, Off-Broadway thriller called Play Dead. It is co-written and directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller) and co-written & performed by Todd Robbins. I have always been a magic geek. I know dumb, but I love trying to figure out how everything is done. Penn & Teller are great, but Teller is the mastermind in my opinion and Penn is the showman and comedian. Since Teller is one of the minds behind this I just have to find a way to see it. Maybe it’ll go on the road? Judging by reviews and the website it is very difficult to describe what this play is about. Without having seen it yet, I hesitate to try and describe it. Here is a blurb from the site.

“Teller and Todd Robbins invite Death out to play in PLAY DEAD, a new spirit-shaking Off-Broadway show inspired by “Midnight Spook Shows,” an American institution from the 1930s to the 1970s.  As the guide for the evening, Robbins draws audiences into an unknown haunted world full of frightful surprises and diabolical laughter.  Although very much a theatrical work, it is hardly a typical “play,” but rather a dramatic, unnerving thriller – here and now in an “abandoned” theater, illuminated by a single ghostlight – in which audiences test their nerves and face their fears as they are surrounded by ethereal sights, sounds and even touches of the returning dead – all achieved by wry, suspenseful storytelling and uncanny stage illusions.”

One reviewer said that it’s basically true ghost stories told in a seance setting where things happen to the audience. Apparently the majority of the play/performance happens in complete darkness. It’s gotten rave reviews. Sounds like something right down my dark alley.

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Haunted Books

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If you are putting together a haunted house you have to include a library. What’s a spooky house without a library holding some of the scariest books ever written? If you want to put in that extra bit of spookiness though, you need these haunted books. In my bookstore I have these set up in between the books for sale. They are motion activated, so when someone is standing there looking at books or walking by it sets them off. The Beast Within the Books prop on the right pops open up to show the little monster with eyes that light up. It shakes and and makes some spooky sounds. With the Possessed Books prop on the left one of the books slides out back and forth and makes some spooky sounds. After using these two items for two years I have a few things to say about them. First off they work great. They don’t go off every time which is actually nice. You can’t depend on it to go off when you want it to. In the end it makes it more of a surprise. The down side of these is that they are quite noisy. Not the sounds they are supposed to make, but the mechanical sounds they make. If there is a lot of general noise though, this shouldn’t be a problem. The nice thing about these is that they are just plain scary, not gory so it’s good for the little ones as well. Beast Within the BooksPossessed Books

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