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Facehugger Hat

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Umm…nice hat? I guess it’s probably pretty warm. I desperately wanted to make this hat, but I cannot find the origin of the picture, so if anybody knows send it along to me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.53.04 PM

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Spider Hat

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Spider HatI, like many women, love hats. I obsessively buy them thinking I will look fabulous in them and then often times don’t have a place to wear them. The fancier the better. Let’s face it though. How many places can you wear an elaborate hat to? I have now found this fantastically creepy Spider Hat that I just have to buy. Unfortunately it’s $145, so it will take a little convincing to get Scary Hubby to agree that I need it. Luckily he loves when I wear a hat, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, all of my hats look really good displayed in our house. So if I never find a day to wear it besides Halloween I can say it’s just part of the house decor.

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