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Zombie Boogers

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Oh yum. I always wondered what a zombie booger would taste like. Well, not really, but I have heard that this stuff is pretty amazing. Here is the recipe if you want to try it out. Just make sure and send me some because I am way too lazy busy to make it myself.


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Zombie Decanter

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By now you all have probably seen the Crystal Head Vodka bottle that I blogged about here. Well, I just came across a new version, the Zombie Glass Decanter. This one is without the vodka or any other liquid, so you can fill it with anything from Kool-aid to Absinthe. Both, I might add, can be found in a lovely shade of green. Think Geek is selling them for $19.99, so clearly it’s a must buy at a great price. Can’t wait to pull it out for the Halloween party this year.

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Goth Pillows

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I bet you guys didn’t know that in my house it’s Halloween every day? Okay, well maybe you did. Let’s just say that when I was decorating it I was inspired by The Addams Family. The TV show, not the movie. I always wished that it was in color though, so I could see what colors they used. What I wouldn’t do for some of the stuff from that set! Anyway, my colors ended up being mostly black and blue. Well, I found these great Goth Pillows online, but unfortunately they are in green and black. They were created by WebSpinstress and are just so deliciously creepy. Even though I would love to see them in blue and black I have a feeling they would not be as cool. The green satin has rips and holes in it like it’s old and worn. The whole effect has a zombie feel to it and I think that would be lost if it came in other colors. It does come in a copper color, but that doesn’t work as well for me. I’ll just have to buy them in green and find a way to fit them in. You can too for the low price of $49.99 for the set of two. There are only a limited number available, so hurry if you want them for yourself.

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