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Goth Settee

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Have a massive entryway that just needs that perfect creepy piece of furniture? Well, here ya go. You can special order your setteeĀ here.

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Pleather Lace Up Leggings

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These are the coolest leggings I have ever seen! I don’t generally love leggings, but these I am head over heels in love with. Where do they come from? England, of course, where else? And they ship to the US for only $10! Love, love, love these and have already ordered my pair. Even better they are made of imitation leather, so no cuties were hurt making them. These are on my “Must List”. I never really had a “Must List” before, but I do now. Do you get the feeling that I kind of like these? Buy your pair here.


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How To Dance Goth

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Many years ago, before I was married, I went to all of the local goth clubs and danced the night away while looking very cool. At least I thought I was cool. A reader sent this to me the other day just when I needed a good laugh. If only I had this video back in the day. I might have actually been as cool as I thought I was with these moves. Besides being an informative video it’s also hilarious. It’s set up to look and sound like one of those old educational hygiene films from the 50s. Check out my favorite which is lesson three on how to step over your dead friend.

* Thanks rosenz for the link!

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I love my iPhone, I really do, but I’m not the ideal user. I rarely download apps. Scary Hubby will tell me about something that I just have to have and usually I download it and then get bored with it. I will admit that I have a healthy obsession with Solitaire, especially Pyramid Solitaire. I do use those apps quite frequently. A while back Scary Hubby emailed me a link for yet another app. This sat in my inbox for the last month not getting touched. I finally opened it up this afternoon to see what it was. Big mistake. I can’t stop playing this game! It’s called Grimm: Ride of the Perambulator and it’s incredibly addictive. Basically you play a lost baby in a carriage and you have to maneuver it through darkly gothic victorian worlds where Mr. Grimm and other scary men are trying to stop you and kill you. It’s kind of like Super Mario, but with a baby in a gothic world. The graphics are just gorgeous. Think Tim Burton with a dash of Gorey. I wish they made it for the iPad, because I would love to see that artwork on a larger scale. You can download it here. It’ll cost you $0.99, but it’s worth it. Just make sure you read the device requirements and that yours is completely up to date.

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Upside Down Christmas Tree

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Years ago when I was in college, in the San Francisco area, there was a very cool nightclub that I practically lived in. To me, it was perfect. It was as if it was designed just for me. Of course all of the other people that went there probably thought the same thing. If I remember correctly it was basically just a big square warehouse, but inside was this amazing space. There were heavy red and black velvet curtains everywhere that created these wonderful intimate spaces. There was no large open dance floor. You would just walk from room to room and socialize with people sitting on the purple velvet couches listening to music. Every room was a little different and it made it feel like you were in your own really cool apartment. The music was great and the punk/goth vibe was just amazing. Goth culture wasn’t really a big thing yet, but it had that feeling. Odd things hung on the velvet walls and from the ceiling. There were so many things to look at. Nothing was normal there. I loved it! In one of the many alcoves hung an upside down Christmas tree painted black and decorated with weird doll parts and broken ornaments. I loved that tree and liked to sit below and look at it. I vowed that one day I would hang my tree upside down. So far, I have not done this. I think mainly because I am quite traditional when it comes to the holidays. I may use a lot of black and blue in my decorating, but the way I celebrate has always been more traditional. This was a horrible year and it will be our family’s first Christmas without my Mom, so I’m not really into it like I usually am. I’ve been doing things very different so far and I think it’s time to finally try the upside down tree. I know you can buy stupid fake trees that are made to be upside down, but I don’t want that. I want to take our actual tree and hang it upside down from the ceiling. Scary Hubby seems to be concerned about how to do this, but he always figures these things out. He’s used to finding ways to execute my weird ideas. I know I am by no means the first to do this, so if anyone has any tips they would like to pass along…

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