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Onyx Stemware

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A couple of years ago I blogged about some gorgeous black stemware that became incredibly popular and quickly sold out. Whether or not it was because of me I’ll never know, but I continually get people asking me where they can get them. Unfortunately they were discontinued and I am always on the lookout for something comparable and I think these come pretty close. I would move fast though since they may just be available for the Halloween season. Order yours here.

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Skull Martini

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I love a good dirty martini. Probably my favorite drink. What I don’t like is most of the stemware available in stores. They are usually quite boring. I was walking through the mall yesterday while waiting for our movie to start. We were seeing The World’s End, which was fantastic by the way. Anyway, I walked into Z Gallerie because there were some interesting things in the window. I was amazed at the cool collection of skull stuff they had and it wasn’t overly expensive. I quickly swooped in on these Mortini Glasses and walked out with two sets. So excited to use them. Not only perfect for the upcoming Halloween festivities, but also great all year round. They are so deliciously cute. Maybe I’ll start calling my favorite drink a Skulltini or even just a Skully. That’ll catch on, right? Get yours before they’re gone here.


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Devil Woman Glass

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I see painted wine glasses everywhere, but they are always very cutesy and girly which I am decidedly not. I am a big wine drinker and would love to have a wine glass that is all mine, so trust me I’ve looked. Last week I received an email from a reader who just so happens to handpaint wine glasses and other items. I popped over to her Etsy site and low and behold I found this gorgeous glass and many others that I now covet. She even does custom orders! I absolutely love this one the best, except in my opinion it’s the wrong color. At least for yours truly. All of the orange parts should, of course, be in my favorite shade of blue which I have now decided to refer to as Scary Jane Blue. Well maybe she could look a little bit more like me too. Now if this talented artist named Jennifer Gerke were to, let’s say, create this for me I might just have to shell out the bucks and make it the official Scary Jane wine glass. How about it Ms. Jennifer? Get your custom wine glass or choose from the beautiful pieces she has already created here.




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Dripping Sunglasses

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Speaking of weird sunglasses, how about these Dripping Sunglasses? I would kill for a pair of these, but alas they were just custom made by Anna Ter Haar for a fashion show. Bitch.

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Cat Eye Glasses

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I don’t know about you, but I love weird sunglasses. I’m not talking about the stupid ones where the eyes are shaped like a beer mug or a peace sign. I mean the unusual ones like these great Cat’s Eye Glasses from Victorian Trading Co. Technically they are “Costume Eyewear”, but that never stops me from wearing them in the evening around town. Just don’t count on them protecting you during the day from that blazing sun. You’ll still burn to a crisp, but the upside will be that you’ll look cool doing it.

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Toxic Toons Shot Glasses

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toxic toons shots glassesToxic Tunes Shot Glasses 2It’s finally Friday, it’s been a really long week and I need a drink or even a shot of something. Now if only I had some super cool glasses to drink it out of. Namely these Toxic Toons Shot Glasses. Unfortunately I do not own these glasses yet. My birthday is coming up guys. Come on you know you want to help Scary Jane have a really good birthday this year, right? If you really loved me you would have bought them for me already. I guess I’ll have to shell out the $49.99 my self. I just wish I’d thought of it a little earlier because now I will have to have my drink out of my plain old regular shot glasses. Mine aren’t etched with some creepy looking skull or monster on them like these. Come on guys, help a girl out. Don’t let another Friday go by where Scary Jane has to have a drink out of some plain old shot glass.

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