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Halloween Crystals

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It’s a little early for Halloween stuff, but the stores are starting to put it out and I just get so excited that I can’t wait. These little magnetic Halloween crystals can hang from anything metal and will give you that little hint of spooky before you really start decorating. You get three ghosts or bats for $39. A little steep, but oh so fun. They won’t cause anyone to scream or lose their lunch, but might be worth a little macabre giggle. Get yours here.


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Circling Ghosts

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Today I found an awesome new decoration for your front yard. They are Circling Ghosts that hang from a tree attached to a fan. I really want to do this one, but the trees in our front yard are not even close to big enough. I’m going to have to put Scary Hubby on it. He’s a technical genius. I know he’ll find a way to make it happen. I can just imagine how great they would be floating around our tombstones. If you want to make it just click HERE. It sounds pretty easy if you already have a big tree in your yard. The only thing would be if you don’t have an old ceiling fan lying around. I did see some really cheap ones (around $20) at Home Depot a while back. I bet if you look around or ask your friends you can probably find one. This guy bought the ghosts at KMart, but I would probably make these myself. I’ve made many ghosts over the years, so I think I can handle these. Do me a favor? If you are going to make this, make sure the ghosts are a realistic size. I hate mini ghosts and other crappy props like that. There is nothing scary about a teeny tiny 12″ ghost. Anyway, I’m so excited to do this one! I just hope we can figure it out in time for this year. Always looking for new ways to freak out the neighbors. Do you think they’d mind if I left them up all year?

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Glowing Zombies and Ghosts

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Glowing Zombies and Ghosts T-ShirtWe are getting really close to Halloween. I’m so excited. The whole month of Halloween I wear all of my scary t-shirts. I start with the tamer ones and progressively get scarier as the month goes by. Even though I have so many I can never get enough. I have just found one to add to my collection. It is pretty scary, so I might be wearing this one on the last day of the month. I can’t believe I have never seen this Glow-in-the-Dark Zombies and Ghosts T-shirt. The best part about this t-shirt is that the zombies and ghosts don’t appear until the lights go out! Until then it’s just a creepy mansion and graveyard. How could you not love that? The t-shirt is hand dyed. This means there is no iron-on that will crack and flake off. The ink is embedded in the 100% cotton. I wish it came in a girl’s t-shirt, but for $17.95 who cares? I ordered one anyway.

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