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Cthulhu Roaster

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It may be a little early to start thinking about camping or even barbecuing for that matter, but a lot depends on what part of the world you live in. If you live in Australia, for example, then it’s the perfect time. In other words don’t judge me for today’s post. I have my reasons for posting what I do and as soon as I have figured out this one you’ll be the first to know. I’m a little bitchy today, so watch out! Anyway, I found this handy dandy little Cthulhu Weenie Roaster while I was searching for a gift for Scary Hubby over the holidays and I have been obsessed with it ever since. How can you not be? It’s a freakin weenie roaster in the shape of Cthulhu! To me it looks more like a skull with some freaky long teeth, but who cares? This is the perfect gift for that creepy guy in your life that has everything. And just think, whenever he’s cooking you a weenie it’ll be plumped and cooked to perfection. Now that’s how I like my weenie!

* See Wikipedia if you don’t know who or what a Cthulhu is.

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Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle

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It’s a skull. No, it’s an MP3 player. No, I got it… it’s a belt buckle! Oh wait, it’s also an LED light. Oops, I almost missed it, but it’s also a frame? I guess it’s all of those things. It’s a Skull LED MP3 Belt Buckle. What were they thinking when they came up with this little gadget? Could they not decide what they wanted to make? I’m all for gadgets that do various things, but this is ridiculous. Kind of an odd idea, but it is pretty cool though. The skull is basically a big belt buckle. It opens up so you can put in the included MP3 player, the LED lights or anything of your own that you want to show off. It goes for $20.99. That’s a little more than $4 for each feature. What a deal!

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Skull Earbuds

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I was online shopping for a birthday present for my brother-in-law and got distracted as usual. Just show me anything shiny or scary and I’m off looking at other things. I ended up coming across these great skull earbuds. I followed the link only to discover that they were sold out. Of course, that just pissed me off and put me on a mission. After a lot of searching I found some even better ones over on These are not just skull earbuds, but Crystal Encrusted Skull Earbuds. The best part? They are only $24.99. Even if they don’t work that well who cares? They are shiny skulls and I’ll look awesome wearing them.

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Scary iPad

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By now you should all have your iPads, right? Well, if you don’t then get your lazy butt off the sofa and buy one. If you can’t afford it then “borrow” one. I absolutely love mine and frequently change the covers on it according to my mood. There are so many cool covers and bags out there. I was sent the one pictured from a company called GelaSkins. This particular one was designed by Munk One a.k.a Jose A. Mercado and is called Murder Scene. Although I really love it, it doesn’t look like any murder scene I’ve ever seen. What’s with the birds? Did they try to poke her eyes out? Why is it that her hair seems to be made of birds? This is all just a little too reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Ever since I saw the movie years ago I have a fear of birds that appear in groups. I think the fact that the birds aren’t explained in the movie is why it bothers me so much. So, though I love this skin, I’m not sure of how long it will stay on my iPad, but they have many others.

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Fright Before Christmas

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Are you like me and have money to throw away? No? Well, I don’t actually either. I’d like to though. If I did I would probably buy this Christmas decoration. It’s called Ghost Bust Fright Before Christmas and is sold by for… drumroll please… $1,499.00! Basically it is a life-size bust that comes with a small projector and a DVD. The DVD is played on a DVD player (not provided) and projected onto the bust to make it look like it’s actually moving. You can also purchase something called a Control Freak Media Monster. This will allow it to be set off by a mat or motion sensor. It also includes the DVD player and costs another $259.77. Not sure why the 77 cents is necessary. If you still don’t feel that you’ve spent enough money you can buy a Blaster that blows a burst of air at you as you walk by for $140.00. It does look pretty cool, but I don’t see myself spending that much money on a Christmas prop. Check out the video, maybe you’ll find that it’s worth it.

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Spider Mouse

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Spider MouseHere’s the scary product of the week. This Spider Mouse would probably be too scary for me to use. I would be terrified that the thing would come back to life and escape. I’m assuming they are dead, but I can’t read Japanese so who knows. Can you imagine your co-workers seeing that on your desk? You can also get it with some other bugs, but I think the spider is the scariest. The spiders or insects are sealed inside a pocket of clear gel to preserve them and then some internal LED lights to light them up and make them even more scary. They apparently sell for only 1,480 yen  which is about $15. Pretty cheap, but I’m sure shipping from Japan would be pretty high. In case you are reading this Scary Hubby I DO NOT want one of these for my birthday.

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