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Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle

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It’s a skull. No, it’s an MP3 player. No, I got it… it’s a belt buckle! Oh wait, it’s also an LED light. Oops, I almost missed it, but it’s also a frame? I guess it’s all of those things. It’s a Skull LED MP3 Belt Buckle. What were they thinking when they came up with this little gadget? Could they not decide what they wanted to make? I’m all for gadgets that do various things, but this is ridiculous. Kind of an odd idea, but it is pretty cool though. The skull is basically a big belt buckle. It opens up so you can put in the included MP3 player, the LED lights or anything of your own that you want to show off. It goes for $20.99. That’s a little more than $4 for each feature. What a deal!

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Funky Frames

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Do you have that weird item in the back of your closet that you’d like to display, but can’t quite figure out how to? I know I do. I collect weird things and always wanted to find a way to display them. I found this website called Frame Fetish that may just be the answer to all of our problems. Since 1999, Link David, has been producing the most amazing frames I have ever seen. Judging by his website he can do pretty much anything you want with a frame and some mat board. Seems like he’ll do any size or shape you want. The weirder the better! Why waste your time going to boring old frame shops when you could have this guy do your framing?Framed SkullFramed Tarot CardsFramed Apestein

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