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Finland’s Silent People

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Just off¬†Highway 5 outside of Suomussalmi, Finland there is an artist installation that is creeping people out. More than one thousand still figures made out of straw and wood are dressed in colorful clothing and facing the highway. The artist refuses to explain the meaning behind it preferring people to come up with their own interpretation. My interpretation? Creepy shit that I’ll have nightmares about. Check out the story and more photos here.


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Alien Prankster

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Prankster T-ShirtIt’s T-Shirt Tuesday and today I went with something that was more funny than scary. It just made me laugh when I saw it. This Prankster T-Shirt comes from the crazy minds over at I love their imagination and originality. The really neat thing about this company though, is that you can vote on designs for future t-shirts. How awesome is that?

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