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Snake Wreath

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I happen to live in a neighborhood where everyone is very uptight, but think they’re cool. Those are the worst kind. My family stands out, needless to say, and I have no problem with that. At least we have a sense of humor and don’t call the police every time an African American chooses to walk down our street. Pretty much every house has some cutesy wreath on the door. You know the ones I’m talking about. There is the dried flower ones, plastic flower ones, the weird ones made out of different colored balls, the branch ones etc. I personally hate them and refuse to ever put one on my door. It’s so suburban and just drives me crazy. I have a black feather one that I put on my door once, but it was almost too pretty so I took it down. Today I ordered one that I might actually put on my door with pride. This Snake Wreath with the great Medusa vibe is meant as a Halloween decoration. I hope at $29 that it actually looks good, but we’ll see. I’ll probably remove the sound/vibrating box as I want this as a year round decoration. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I just love to piss off my neighbors. Is that wrong?

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Lovely (Ugly) Bones Lace Headband

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You know how much I love skeletons, right? Up until now I thought everything would look much better if it had a skull or even a skeleton on it. That is until I saw thisĀ Lovely Bones Lace Headband. I’m not usually a headband kind of girl. I tend to let my long hair hang loose on most days, but I’ll put it in braids or even up on a hot day. Never a headband. They are just too itchy. I do enjoy the funny ones on holidays or for costumes, but it pretty much ends there. This particular one… well, I just don’t know what to say about it. It looks stupid for one thing. If you took the little skeleton off it would be actually quite pretty. Apparently when the designer (an idiot IMO) put all of the black ribbon, lace and feathers together she/he thought it needed a little something else to creep it up a bit. A blood red rose maybe? Nah. Oh wait, what about a spider? No, not enough pizazz. I know! Let’s slap a tiny plastic skeleton right in the middle of it! Sure, that makes total sense. I mean who wouldn’t be creeped out by a real live tiny skeleton on someone’s head? Perfect! Now, let’s charge $39.95 for it and it’ll fly off the shelves. We’ll be rich in no time. Great plan asshole.

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