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Eyeball Lollipops

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Ever wonder what eating an eyeball would be like? Well, without resorting to cannibalism you can at least pretend and try one of these eyeball lollipops. They are available in five flavors that include blackberry, cherry, cotton candy, guava and marshmallow. How about ordering some of these yummy looking lollipops to give to the trick-or-treaters or even for your Halloween party? They are made to order so hurry up and place your order here.


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Spider Web Window

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Back when I was in college I lived in San Jose, CA. My favorite place to visit was The Winchester Mystery House. If you have never heard of this wonderful place then you can read about it here. I loved going there, it was all so interesting. The best thing was the windows. Lots of the windows were stained glass, but my favorite were the ones that looked like spider webs as you can see here. I have always wanted windows like that, now I can at least have something like it thanks to LindaLeeGlass on Etsy. This is particularly gorgeous and surprisingly well priced at $45. Order yours here.


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Teeth Bangle

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Whenever I go to the dentist they seem to be always taking imprints of my teeth. I hate having that done, but now I know what they do with them. They make bracelets out of them and sell them on Etsy. I’m beginning to think that I need a cut of the profits. If you’d like to maybe contribute to my daughter’s college fund and want some teeth around your wrist go here.


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Voodoo Hex Flask

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I love vintage style advertising. Especially when it’s mixed with one of my passions. I admit it, I love the drink or zombie juice in this case. I am in no way an alcoholic since I don’t drink more than once a week, but when I do I want it to be the good stuff. Everything has to be top shelf and if I am out and about I would like to take it with me. I never really thought about having a flask before, but I just might have to give that some serious thought after seeing what artists Trixie & Milo create. They even have some great ones for the ladies. I had a hard time just picking one to put in the post. Check them out and buy one here.


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Zombie Gnomes

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If you have been diligently reading my blog (you better be) you would know that I just love to piss off my neighbors. I know, not very neighborly, but oh so much fun. Besides, it seems like it has become sort of a running joke in the neighborhood. What will Jane do next? Most of them get a good laugh out of it since we do take good care of our yard, but there are a few that are not so thrilled. That’s mainly why I do it. If they laughed and enjoyed it I’d get bored.
Everyone has seen the pink yard flamingos and a few have even seen the skeleton flamingos, but now a couple of artists selling under the name Chris and Janes Place on Etsy have come up with their own twist. Zombie Gnomes feeding on one of those oh so tacky pink flamingos. They are hand casted, hand painted and sell for $55. They have been getting so many orders for these that they are a little behind in production, but so worth the wait. I am so excited to get mine. Now I just need to think of a great way to reveal it to the neighbors

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Frog Zombie

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I usually stay away from blogging about things on Etsy. Not because I don’t like it, but because I think I like it too much. Well, that and the fact that a lot of the things sold are one of a kind items. This time I had to make an exception, though. I came across this little Frog Zombie and just fell in love. You know I have such a weakness for zombies. He’s made by Plushroom Soup. Check out some of the designers other zombified animals. I’m especially partial to the Unicorn Zombie since I hate unicorns. What makes them so cute is that they are made to order and the designer will customize it for you. You decide how bloody and gory you want them to be. The arms and legs are held on with magnets, so they are removable. The frog doesn’t come cheap, though. He sells for $48, but totally worth it to get your handmade 10″ Frog Zombie made to your liking. Now if only I could find a real one…

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