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Skull and Daisy Dress

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This is one of those dresses that makes you stop and look at again. You glance at it and it’s just a cute flower print dress, nothing special, and then you think you catch something thats a little off. You look again, closely this time, and mixed in with the little flowers are tiny skulls. I absolutely love that. You could probably even get away with wearing it to church, if that’s your thing. I love things like this. Just a little something unexpected. You can find it here.


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Skull Crochet Maxi Dress

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Are you waiting for me to write something funny or witty about this skull dress? If so, you’ll be waiting a long time because I’ve got nothing. I just thought it was a great dress that I really wanted and thought that some of you ladies might too…or guys, you never know. Get yours here.

Skull maxi dress

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Monster Baby Dress

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When we had our daughter I spent hours looking online for clothes that weren’t the standard pink. I hate pink and I didn’t want my daughter to be forced to wear it unless she liked it. Of course my girl ended up hating all things pink and princessy just like her momma. Still finding things that were a little more edgy was really difficult. It’s not that I wanted to put her in leather and chains and become S&M baby. I just wanted an alternative to the pinks and purples. If only this Monster Baby Dress had existed when she was a baby. It comes from an Australian company called A Little Bit of Cheek. They have lots of great clothes and accessories for your alternative child. So you have to pay higher shipping costs… so what? She’ll be the coolest baby in preschool.

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Little Black Skull Dress

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Once in awhile I still pop onto Hot Topic just to see what’s new. Sometimes you can get lucky and they have some neat stuff . This time I picked up a little black dress. Every girl can use a little black dress, right? You can dress it up and you can dress it down. Usually they are very simple and all black, but this one has a little kick to it that I just couldn’t resist. It’s not too often that you can find a skull themed outfit without it having a giant skull splattered on the front. I like to be a little more sneaky in my clothing choices. I want someone to have to look closely to see what’s on there. Well, that’s exactly what this little dress does. From far away it just appears to be a normal pattern, but up close you see that it’s actually a skull cameo print. Even the lace at the bottom has skulls woven into it. Love, love, love it! Now I just need an excuse to wear it.

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