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X-Ray Plates

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Here are some fantastically creepy plates that feature an x-ray of a snake spread out onto 4 plates. Very cool, but if you want them you need to pre order them here for delivery in November.


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Creepy Mug?

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Creepy Crawly mugSo, I’m upset today. I’m also the biggest klutz ever. I went to get my coffee as usual this morning and as I was getting my favorite mug out it just slipped from my hands and broke. I swear it was like it was greased up or something. It was a really cool mug shaped like a skull. I’ve been looking to replace it today, but have not seen the same one yet. I’ve had it for many years, so they may not make it anymore. There are other skull shaped mugs, but not as neat as mine was. Even though this isn’t skull shaped I found a really creepy mug online that I fell in love with (at right), but it does not seem to be available anymore. Anyone know where I can get one of these? Anyone seen any creepy mugs online that you can point me to? I can’t just drink out of my plain black mugs every day. This mug fit me, it was my muse and I miss it.

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