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Siri iPhone Case

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While I was desperately searching for anything remotely interesting to put on my new iPhone I came across this little weird case. It won’t fit my 6 and I’m not sure I’d want it, but it is strangely cool. Apparently there was some sort of Siri design competition and this one was submitted. It’s supposed to be the embodiment of Siri, so that when you speak to her you are actually speaking to a face. The result is quite creepy and very impractical, but kinda neat. Check it out here.


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Spiderweb Balloons

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Found this really creepy and unique idea for our annual Halloween party this year. These balloons are just made with basic clear balloons, helium, a squirt of Hi-Float and some plastic spiders. I cannot wait to try it. The instructions can be found here.


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Ultimate Deck

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I love playing cards and I love any kind of card game, but this might be the greatest deck I have ever seen. Each of the 54 cards in this Ultimate Deck of cards by Dan & Dave shows a unique piece of artwork from design agency Stranger & Stranger. Most of them are macabre and vaguely disturbing. Check them out and buy your own set here.


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13th Street Stationary

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A reader sent this in to me and I just had to share. 13th Street is a crime/horror station in Germany. Jacques Pense from the advertising agency Jung von Matt in Germany came up with this fantastic Zombie Stationary. I would like to see this in person. It seems to be very 3D. I absolutely love this and want it desperately. Unfortunately it seems that it is not available for sale since it’s their business stationary. Maybe I can think of some reason to write them and ask a question so they would write me back.

*Thanks to Kevin Green for the link.

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