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Halloween Crystals

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It’s a little early for Halloween stuff, but the stores are starting to put it out and I just get so excited that I can’t wait. These little magnetic Halloween crystals can hang from anything metal and will give you that little hint of spooky before you really start decorating. You get three ghosts or bats for $39. A little steep, but oh so fun. They won’t cause anyone to scream or lose their lunch, but might be worth a little macabre giggle. Get yours here.


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Crystal Skull Candle

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We are getting dangerously close to Halloween and nothing could make me happier. As usual we will have our annual Halloween party and I am already in planning mode. I usually have all of the food set up on 2 huge tables and I like to decorate them a lot. I am always looking for something that I’ve never seen before to make it different each year. Well, along comes an email today pointing me towards this fantastic Crystal Skull Candle. I fell in love immediately and decided right away that 2 of them would be perfect to add to my candle collection on the tables. That is until I saw the price. No way am I spending $150 per candle for something that is burned down in one night! Why does this always happen to me? I find the perfect thing and then end up having to find something that will do. Maybe I’ll buy a couple of black candles and some crystals and see if I can’t recreate them. Won’t look anywhere near as good, but it’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper.

*Thanks to Katie for directing me to this. Now if only she would point me to a cheaper version.

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Gothic Engagement Ring

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Anyone who reads this blog or for that matter just looks at it can guess what my favorite colors are. Dk. Blue and Black have always been my favorite. That’s why my black hair rocks a blue streak on the blog and in real life. It’s my thing. Along with painting my fingernails black and my pinky fingernails blue. A good portion of the world finds me rather odd and abrasive. ¬†I do my own thing and as long as I’m not hurting anyone who cares? That being said there is the odd thing that’s pretty mainstream that I get excited about. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I watched every moment of the recent royal wedding. Royalty just fascinates me and always has. I think it’s because back in the day my great uncle was the King of Denmark’s personal valet. My Mom grew up playing with the current Queen of Denmark and used to tell all sorts of cool stories. Sadly my Mom did not stay in touch with her, but she followed her life closely and in turn followed all royalty. When Prince William proposed to Kate with Princess Diana’s sapphire ring I was so excited. Not only because sapphires are my favorite stone, but because it was not the boring and expected diamond solitaire the size of a small country. In some ways I would love to have that ring, but it’s not really me. I came across this Gothic Sapphire Crystal Ring though, that would suit me just fine and would not be such a strain on the wallet at $89.95. It’s still my favorite color and surrounded by diamond-like¬†Swarovski crystals, but this one has an edge to it, a skull edge that surrounds the stones! I love it when things look normal until you look closely and see the evil.

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Skull Earbuds

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I was online shopping for a birthday present for my brother-in-law and got distracted as usual. Just show me anything shiny or scary and I’m off looking at other things. I ended up coming across these great skull earbuds. I followed the link only to discover that they were sold out. Of course, that just pissed me off and put me on a mission. After a lot of searching I found some even better ones over on These are not just skull earbuds, but Crystal Encrusted Skull Earbuds. The best part? They are only $24.99. Even if they don’t work that well who cares? They are shiny skulls and I’ll look awesome wearing them.

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Crystal Head Vodka

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Crystal Head VodkaAre you heading to some parties for the holidays? You know you never want to arrive empty handed. Well, to show off your unique personality, or as some would say weird, why not buy them a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka? The bottle alone is worth the $49.99 that it will cost you. Plus there is a fun website where you can hear all about the thirteen crystal skulls that were scattered around the world thousands of years ago from Dan Akroyd who is part owner of the company. The vodka is even supposedly filtered through diamonds, though it’s hard to know how much to believe from the video. Either way this makes a great gift and I’ll expect mine to arrive soon from one of you guys!

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