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Skull Stationary

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These days people write emails or text. They just don’t write letters anymore. It seems to be a lost art form. Once upon a time I just loved stationary. I spent entirely too much time and money in my local Hallmark. Over the years all of that stationary has been packed away and relegated to the attic never to be seen or heard from again. I recently got a bee up my butt and decided I wanted to do some letter writing again. As I was searching online for some cool new stationary, my super intelligent Scary Hubby asked, “What about all of that stationary in the attic?” Dumb ass. He just doesn’t get it. I ended up finding this fantastic black Skull Stationary Set on the Vivre site. Plain black with just the simple white skull. Perfect. It even comes with a silver pen because obviously my usual ink of choice, black, would not show up. One problem. It costs $120. Really?!? For 10 envelopes, a pad of paper and a pen? I mean it’s gorgeous, but I’m not convinced that it costs that much to produce. I know, quality paper… yada, yada, yada, but still not buying it. Literally or figuratively. I guess my search will continue on while Scary Hubby keeps mumbling about the box in the attic.

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Scary iPad

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By now you should all have your iPads, right? Well, if you don’t then get your lazy butt off the sofa and buy one. If you can’t afford it then “borrow” one. I absolutely love mine and frequently change the covers on it according to my mood. There are so many cool covers and bags out there. I was sent the one pictured from a company called GelaSkins. This particular one was designed by Munk One a.k.a Jose A. Mercado and is called Murder Scene. Although I really love it, it doesn’t look like any murder scene I’ve ever seen. What’s with the birds? Did they try to poke her eyes out? Why is it that her hair seems to be made of birds? This is all just a little too reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Ever since I saw the movie years ago I have a fear of birds that appear in groups. I think the fact that the birds aren’t explained in the movie is why it bothers me so much. So, though I love this skin, I’m not sure of how long it will stay on my iPad, but they have many others.

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Pirate Skull Snuggie/Slanket

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It’s butt-ass cold here and from what I can tell from the news it seems it’s cold most places in the US right now. I don’t like the heat to be on very high and I really like bundling up during the winter anyway. In my office the desk sits right in front of two huge windows, so it can get especially cold there. I love to wear hats, funky gloves and arm warmers, but this year I seem to need more. So, I started looking around on the internet for something to keep me warm on those freaky cold days. Do you get cold, too? If and when you do, do you like to snuggle up to a skeleton? Probably not. No matter how much I love skeletons and skulls I can’t see myself doing that. Plus, how warm could that be? How about one of those stupid snuggie things? I have always thought they looked completely ridiculous, but what if you made it a black one and covered it in skulls? Hell yeah, I would and you probably would too. This Pirate Skull Slanket costs $32.99 which isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it for the coolness factor and the warmth one too.

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Scary Jane

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Could this be a post about Scary Jane? The Scary Jane? Nope, it’s not, but it is about the blog. Are you tired of checking the site every 5 minutes to see if I’ve posted something yet? I get regular emails from some of you idiots complaining that I do not post on a regular schedule. I patiently tell you that my mother died unexpectedly this year which turned my world upside down. I stopped working for a while to concentrate on my family, but I am feeling much better these days. My book business came first, since that’s where the money comes from, and now I’m back at the blogging thing posting regularly. Unfortunately, there is no set time of the day that I do it. Usually it’s late in the day, like now, but it can be anytime really. Well, I have finally solved your problem. Scary Jane now has a Newsletter! Every Friday an email will be automatically sent, to those who subscribe, that will include all of my posts for the week. Don’t worry I won’t sell your email or send you spam. I wouldn’t even know how to. I do reserve the right to sell your soul, however. You can subscribe by entering your email in the box that’s below my image on the top left of your screen. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being underneath me here’s your chance!

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Spider Mouse

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Spider MouseHere’s the scary product of the week. This Spider Mouse would probably be too scary for me to use. I would be terrified that the thing would come back to life and escape. I’m assuming they are dead, but I can’t read Japanese so who knows. Can you imagine your co-workers seeing that on your desk? You can also get it with some other bugs, but I think the spider is the scariest. The spiders or insects are sealed inside a pocket of clear gel to preserve them and then some internal LED lights to light them up and make them even more scary. They apparently sell for only 1,480 yen  which is about $15. Pretty cheap, but I’m sure shipping from Japan would be pretty high. In case you are reading this Scary Hubby I DO NOT want one of these for my birthday.

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Skull Stapler

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Skull StaplerOnce again my favorite store, Pylones, comes through for me. I love the wild and crazy stuff they carry. Everything is so cool and useful. They recently unveiled a bunch of stuff that is coming out soon including this Skull Stapler. I have looked and looked for a neat skull stapler over the years and have never found one that didn’t look homemade. This one is awesome and the brain lid even comes off so you can store things inside. If you’re not a fan of the funky colors it also comes in a more plain, silver version. Either way it’s ridiculously creepy and fun. Just think of all the fun you can have playing with this over the wall of your cubicle. Use him as a puppet and say, “I’m going to eat your brains!” It’s sure to make you a hit in the office. It doesn’t go on sale until March and is going to cost a whopping $49, but who cares? When something is cool, original and doubles as a toy to torture your office mates with it’s worthing slapping down a little extra cash, right? At least that’s the logic I’ll use when Scary Hubby sees the bill.

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