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Spooky Wall Hands

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Spooky Wall HandsA while back I blogged about some wall mounted hand hooks. I found these Spooky Wall Hands the other day and they are far superior in my mind. Either ones are very creepy, but these are just a couple of steps up on the creepy scale. This reminds me of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you remember when the kids and parents originally go into the factory they have to hang up their coats. When they go to hang them on the hooks the hand hooks grab them. I always thought that was so cool and I still desperately want them. This is the closest I’ve seen. Well, visually anyway. These look like they are ready to reach down and grab your coat. They come in a set of two hands for $29. One palm-up and one palm-down pose. Personally I’m going to cover my wall in them!

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Black Brocade Hamper

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Black HamperI know that you are probably like me and just throw your clothes into the air when you change and could care less where they land. We justify our messiness by declaring that it’s part of our scaryness and that we are creative people who don’t need to worry about such trivial things. Well, lets face it. We are slobs. Of course we never had anywhere cool to put them, so why bother. All that’s really available are pastel colored plastic tubs and wicker baskets which may be perfect for the J.Crew drones, but certainly will not do for the scary minded. Now you sloppy people, myself included, have somewhere to throw our dirty clothes. Check out this Black Brocade Hamper for $19.95. I just love it! Promise me though, just because we start throwing our clothes into a hamper does not mean we have to start shopping at J. Crew.

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Hand Hooks

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Hand Hook 2Hand Hook1

Have you always been jealous of Gomez & Morticia Addams? Ever wished you had Thing in your house? Now you can… well sort of anyway. These Hand Hooks by Harry Allen are made from a cast of the designer’s own hand. There are 5 different styles available. They don’t come cheap at $85.00 each, but wouldn’t it be cool to have one hanging on your wall the next time your back itches? Now, I know what you’re thinking, I can just get my spouse/partner to scratch my back when needed. Will they also stand still and hold your coat all day? What about your keys? I don’t think so. These are a much better solution. If you are still balking at the price there are cheaper ones available here. Not designed by Harry Allen, but just as creepy.

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