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Bitten Choker

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Bitten ChokerI am a huge fan of chokers. Necklaces are nice, but there’s something about a choker especially a velvet choker that I just love. I am forever in search of the perfect vampire bite choker. In other words a choker that looks like a vampire took a bite out of your neck. I don’t know how or why I got so obsessed with this. Maybe it’s because there’s so many versions available out there, but none of them quite do it for me. It’s not like I have some secret desire to be bitten by a vampire or even become one. If they were real I would have absolutely no desire to be one. I once had a dream when I was much younger that I was just turned into a vampire. I woke up in a cold sweat and it took a few minutes for me to realize it wasn’t true. Up until that point I was just horrified at even the thought. Anyway, there I go rambling on again. I found this really cool Bitten Choker that I really like. Probably the coolest I have seen. Unfortunately I can only seem to find it in a UK store. I swear! They have the best stuff over there. It’s just not fair.

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