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Lord Raffles Lion Throne Chair

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How full of yourself do you have to be to order this chair? I do think it’s pretty awesome, but unless you are ordering a bunch to go around your dining table I think it could be a little tacky. Trust me I am the first to lord it over someone and clearly I deserve the chair, but I don’t think that a common person, such as yourself, could pull it off. Just sayin’. Buy yours here for the whopping sale price of $1999.00 each.

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Grand Dame Sofa

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I’m thinking if Morticia ever wants to get rid of her Peacock Chair and upgrade to a sofa that this is the way to go. Perfectly gloomy in gray velvet. I love it! Order your Morticia sofa here.

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Goth Settee

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Have a massive entryway that just needs that perfect creepy piece of furniture? Well, here ya go. You can special order your settee here.

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Skull Chair

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You know those stupid white plastic chairs that everyone used to have out on their patios? They started out all pretty and white and then after one rain storm you ended up with a dirt puddle on the seat that was impossible to get clean. The next year you’d buy some more, since they were so cheap, and it would happen again. Year after year you’d do this until it finally got through your thick skull that they were crap. They even tried making them in dark green and other colors thinking that would hide the dirt puddle, but no still gross. A reader sent me the link to this awesome plastic Skull Chair. It’s actual name is “Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir” (Remember That You Will Die). Not sure how it gets that name. It appears to be a twist on the old crappy plastic chairs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I looked they do not seem to be for sale or not yet anyway. I would actually buy this, but it would stay nicely inside where no dirt puddles could ever ruin it. I have a feeling this little guy is going to be expensive if it ever hits the market, so I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, this Skull Chair is going to be a part of  “New Wave, the new French domestic landscape” exhibition in the furniture fair in Milan at the Nouvelle Vague at the French Cultural Centrer – Palazzo Delle Stelline – Corso Magento 63 20123 Milan on 12 to 17 April 2011.

*Thanks Scott for the link!

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Badass Chair

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I came across this very badass chair called The Outlaw the other day. It was designed by Ted Nemeth. The chair “…is a classic Victorian chair that’s hand carved from solid mahogany the painted satin black and embossed with jewels, tooled leather and working speakers in the footstool.” Not sure where to start. There are just so many things to say about this chair. As a former interior designer I still get very excited about furniture. I also get very irritated when someone says they painted solid mahogany. That’s neither here nor there though. Just an aside really. This chair has the words F*** O** tooled in on the seat with a black skull sitting at the top of the back. It certainly is a badass chair and I think only badass people should own it. It’s very cool, but might just be a little too scary for my house. Or should I say weird. The thing that bugs me the most is the speakers in the footstool. Really? Is that necessary? How do they attach to your stereo? Will you have cords running from it or is it wireless? Why on the footstool anyway? Your feet will be pumping with the music. Wouldn’t that affect the sound? I don’t know. Strange choice if you ask me, which no one did or I would have given them an earful!Outlaw ChairOutlaw Chair 2

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Raven Feathered Chair

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black_feather_chairA reader directed me to this Black Feather Chair and I just had to share it with you. It is so deliciously creepy. This was designed by Elyse Hochstadt back in 2007 and was featured at FIVEten Studio. The actual name of the chair is Portrait of George 1. I covet this chair and I must have it. I’m sure the $7500 price tag is a misprint, right? I’m sure they left out the period and it’s really $75. I’m going to get on a plane, march right on over to the studio in Oakland, California and slap down my $75! They better give it to me too, because clearly it was made with me in mind. Just think… a chair designed just for me. How lovely. Now if only I can scrape the money together for a plane ticket.

Thanks Doomsday For the link.

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