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Frightful Skull Fountain Kit

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My favorite Webmistress of the Dark over at Eerie Elegance knows everything about making your house super scary and fun for Halloween. I have followed her for years and used many of her recipes and ideas for our annual Halloween party. Now she has made available for purchase a DIY kit that allows you to make her personally designed Skull Fountain for yourself. You can buy it on Etsy here.

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Scary Witches’ Brew

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For many years we have had a Halloween party. Each year it gets bigger and more elaborate as I find new things or ways of doing things. Our guests love it and we have a blast doing it. It just takes a lot of prep time. Every year I make the same punch which I originally talked about Here. Everyone loves it and it’s always a huge hit. I usually make one with alcohol and one without. As usual I will be making it this year, but with a new added ingredient that I’m really excited to try. Here is the original recipe:

1             96 oz. Orange Juice
4             48 oz. cans Pineapple Juice
4             2 liter bottles of Sprite or 7Up
1             1.75 liter bottle of vodka

Obviously this makes a lot, but you can cut it down for the amount you need keeping the ratios the same. For the non-alcholic just leave out the vodka and it still tastes great! Someone told me last year that it you add a couple of scoops of lime sherbert it really gets an eerie gross scum to it that looks disgusting, but still tastes great. I sorta think substituting the Sprite/7Up with Ginger ale might make it more gross since it’s not clear, but kinda brownish. So, I might try that. Last year I bought a mesh tea ball and put the small pieces of dry ice inside instead of in the main cauldron. Once I closed it up I just sank it right into the actual punch. Safe to drink, but the bubbling comes right from the punch! It worked really well, but I searched all year for something bigger to use. Once it disolves you have to fill it up again, so I wanted something that I could put more in to last longer. Turns out you can get mesh tea balls in a larger size. They are also known as spice balls apparently (So not in the mood for stupid jokes, so just shut up!). Don’t forget the ice hands/fingers because they are still fun!

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Halloween Idea in Action

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I get a lot of email from you guys and it’s great! You send me the best product links and funky photos. Once in a while someone lets me know that they used an idea that I posted about at some point, but rarely do I get photographs. Last year I posted a Halloween How-To called Chanting Devil Worshipers that you can find here. A couple of weeks after Halloween I was so excited to receive an email from one of my readers named Blazevic. Blazevic and his family used the Chanting Devil Worshipers idea and put their own spin on it. Which I love, BTW. Blazevic’s 9 year old daughter, Alexis, made these using my post and then added her own twist of red gems for eyes. I never thought of that! Really drives the whole Devil thing home. I might just be adding that to ours next year. Thanks so much for sharing your picture. Finally one of you idiots actually remembered to send me one! It sounds like you had a scary time.

* Thanks to Blazevic, Alexis Blazevic and Bob Blazevic for taking the pic.

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