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Halloween Set

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I spend a lot of time looking for things to post about on this blog. I love doing it, don’t get me wrong, but I do have a bone to pick with some stores. Why do some companies insist on just slapping the word Halloween on something and jacking up the price when clearly there isn’t much about it that qualifies it as a Halloween item? As you know I absolutely love Halloween, but I’m not a freaking idiot. Take for example this Halloween Nail Polish Set. What about this set says Halloween to you? Certainly not the rainbow colored nail polish, but of course they stuck a cutesy Halloween sticker on each bottle so it must be for Halloween. Surely not just for the presence of the friendly looking kitties on the toe separator thingy? What is the correct name for those things? Anyway, there isn’t even a black nail polish! Come on… You can do better than that! You can get yours here if you are so inclined and I won’t even call you a sucker… to your face.


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Cat Eye Glasses

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I don’t know about you, but I love weird sunglasses. I’m not talking about the stupid ones where the eyes are shaped like a beer mug or a peace sign. I mean the unusual ones like these great Cat’s Eye Glasses from Victorian Trading Co. Technically they are “Costume Eyewear”, but that never stops me from wearing them in the evening around town. Just don’t count on them protecting you during the day from that blazing sun. You’ll still burn to a crisp, but the upside will be that you’ll look cool doing it.

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Eerie Origami

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Stopped into Barnes and Noble today to see if they had put their scary stuff out yet. They had put some out, but it looked like they were still in the process. I stopped into the bargain isles and found this little Eerie Origami kit. I’m not a particular fan of origami. It’s not that I don’t think it’s cute, I just find it irritating and kind of a waste. Let me explain. First of all I have absolutely no patience for it. I have tried and tried to do it, but it rarely comes out right. I learned how to make a ball when I was just tiny Scary Jane and I can still do that. I pull that one out anytime I feel the need to impress someone with my folding skills. My aunt always and I do mean always would make an origami thing out of her napkin. I’m not sure what it was. It looked like a boat, but also looked like a flower. A long time ago I was very determined to make an origami flower. It took me forever. I don’t think the instructions are ever very clear. I finally finished it and was quite proud until seconds later my new kitten at the time (that’s Lucy,¬†who just passed away… for the people who actually read my posts) grabbed it off the table and ran. I was finally able to save it from her only to find that in less than a minute she had destroyed it. That’s what I mean by a waste. In other words a f***ing waste of time. This origami kit looks really cute, but I have way better things to do with my time then sitting around folding paper. I still have the origami ball that I can pull out anytime and that’s enough for me.

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Cat Spatula

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Okay, I know I claim to love all things Halloween and most of the time I do. I really have a hard time during the Halloween season. I usually want to buy just about everything I see. However, that was not the case today when I saw this Cat Spatula at Crate and Barrel. I guess it’s cute, but I think they’ve gone a little too far with the Halloween themed items. I mean, come on you might as well go all the way and have Halloween themed baby wipes or even a Halloween themed power strip. No one is going to see this spatula, but the person who’s baking something and the inside of the dishwasher. The pattern is not even on the handle part. It’s just a tiny cat on the tip of the plastic part. Come on you product developing ass wipes! Nothing wrong with some creativity, but at least use your brain. Does the world really need Halloween themed foot powder?

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Okay, I know I said I was done with the sappy stuff, but I just have to sneak in another post. We were forced to put our poor little Lucy to sleep since she was in so much pain. The vet tried everything, but she was just to far along. We will miss her dearly. Not being one to sit around without multiple cats in the house, I insisted that we go and pick out a new kitten at the Humane Society. Scary Hubby had a hard time with this one. Lucy was our first baby that we got together when we were just dating, so she meant a lot to us. Scary Hubby was very attached to her and so was I. I just like to move on quicker. I know a kitten will take our minds off Lucy. Plus we had Morticia and it would be nice for her to grow up with another kitten. We had every intention of getting a Gomez for our Morticia, but the boys were all so wild. I really wanted a snuggle cat and we all fell in love with this little black and white girl. Well, we couldn’t name her Gomez, so I came up with Ophelia. If you remember, Ophelia was Morticia’s sister in the original Addams Family TV show from the 60s’. She was the goofy reverse version of Morticia and I always liked her. So, please welcome little Ophelia into the Scary Jane family.

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Scary Jane Rises Again

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Okay people… I’m back. I know I know it’s been a while, but it’s been a very challenging year. First I lost our cat Agatha, then I lost my mom unexpectedly and then I just lost another cat, Edgar. All three were very out of the blue and it’s been an adjustment to say the least. My other cat, Lucy, is also getting old and I’m thinking her time is not far off. If that’s not enough my dog is also not doing so well. Now, I know, pets are not the same as losing your mother, but when they all happen within a short period of time it hits you pretty hard. I guess that’s what we get for having pets that are all the same age. A few years ago I made the joke that our pets would all start dropping like flies one day. Unfortunately I was right. Anyway, I have had some false starts in the past year to get going again and now I’m doing it again. This time I hope to succeed. Please be patient with me. If you can’t do that then you can just bite me and go to hell.


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