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Painted Pet Costume

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Instead of making your dog or cat sit still why you try to put them in a costume now you can spray paint one on. You can now buy a special spray paint that is completely safe and non-toxic and turn your pet into almost anything you want. It washes right off. Your only limitation is your imagination. Here’s a dog that was made to look like a skeleton. I’d probably try to make a zombie, but that’s just me. Buy the paint here.


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Cat Skeleton Candle

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Such a cute gift to give to that crazy cat co-worker that you don’t like. Get it here.

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Tentacle Candlesticks

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I’ve never been a particular fan of the octopus. They are definitely creepy to look at, but my mind goes somewhere else when I see one and then I just can’t take them seriously. As I am sure most of you know there is a James Bond movie called Octopussy. When I was a kid that name just made me giggle. I wasn’t old enough to know why adults thought the name was funny. I thought it was funny because I thought it was about a spy cat that was dressed up like an octopus. Obviously I was incorrect, but it still makes me laugh to this day. Though I did initially think of that when I saw these candlesticks, I still think they are very creepy cool and will look great year round. Order yours here.


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As you should know by now, if you’ve been reading my posts, I have lost 2 cats in the last year. Well, now my third cat, Lucy, has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and cancer of the spleen. Apparently that cancer is very rare in cats. Anyway, sadly it’s not looking good for my baby girl. She’s 13 years old and she’s had a pretty comfy life, but she’s the last of our cats. Super sweet and the softest cat I’ve ever known. We called her Lucy Bunny because her fur felt more like bunny fur. That’s her on the far right during happier times. Just last week before all of this came up we got a new little kitten. Scary Daughter’s cat, Edgar, had died this summer and we had promised a new kitty before school started. She is 2 months old and all black of course. We named her Morticia since we are all huge fans of the The Addams Family and she reminded us of her. That’s little Morticia lying next to the red pillow. So please welcome her to the Scary Family. Now that it looks like Lucy will be passing on, we will get another kitten after that. We have our hearts set on a boy so we can name him Gomez! It’s horrible losing a pet, let alone 3 in a year and half, but that’s what you sign up for when you get a pet. Sadly, they don’t live forever, but they do remain in our hearts forever. Okay, now that the sappy crap is done, lets move on!

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