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Real Haunted Houses For Sale

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If you couldn’t get enough of visiting haunted houses over Halloween then maybe it’s time to invest in the real thing. Some of these look really awesome and spooky. I might just have to start saving up for #6. Check them out here.



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Castle Dragon Iron Wall Sconce

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I can think of so many places in my house where these sconces would look incredible, but I guess a house full of these might be kind of strange. Of course strange is my middle name, so why not. I love these! Buy yours here.


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Dracula’s Castle

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Dracula's CastleVampires all want to go back to their roots and visit Dracula’s Castle, or should I say Bran Castle, in Transylvania, Romania. Nothing strange about that. Unfortunately, travel is not so easy for your run-of-the-mill vampire. We can’t all be rich and live in castles. Some of us have to eke out a living working nights at the local video store and living in an old mausoleum. In case you didn’t know, video store clerks don’t make that much. Anyway, I am here to help all of you lowly vampires who do not have the sort of life where you can travel and visit your homeland. Now you can take a 360 tour of Bran Castle on your computer. That is if you can even afford that.

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