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Coffin Boxes

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A while back I found these Coffin Boxes and used them as gift bags for a party I had. I have used them since for many things, but I recently remembered a time from my childhood when I could have used them. As a child I hated Barbies and I still do. I kept getting them as gifts and would then find new and interesting ways to destroy them. Little Scary Jane soon found herself in a dilemma. How to hide the dead bodies from her parents when they were the ones who insisted she should like Barbies, like her sister.  I had been piling them up in shoeboxes, but I needed a more permanent solution. Being the odd child I was I decided I needed to at least give them a proper burial. What do you do when you have a bunch of dead Barbies to bury? At that time cool little Coffin Boxes were not available to me, so I tried to make my own to hold them, without much luck. I ended up burying them without boxes in the backyard. So, take it from me, if you have a Scary child of your own please don’t try to make them play with Barbies. They’ll just find ways to torture the poor things like I did. If you do at least have the decency to get them some of these Coffin Boxes. If you buy them in bulk you can even save money.

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Casket Cufflinks

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Casket Cuff LinksI love Halloween parties. Everything about them. From the planning to the decorating to the cooking. Unfortunately there is one thing that I don’t enjoy about the average Halloween party and that’s the costumes. Before you judge me and bite my head off in a fit of rage, let me explain.I have said it before and I will say it again. I don’t like funny costumes. Halloween is about scary stuff, not funny stuff. Save the jokes for April Fool’s Day. I’ve tried many times to tell people only to wear scary costumes and you’d think with my friends that would be easy. Unfortunately, no. It’s not even the actual costumes that bug me, it’s the randomness of it. I have always wanted a party like the one in the first Addams Family movie or even just a good scary theme would make me happy. Victorian dead people, classic horror movie characters, zombies or even just the weirdest scary thing that you could come up with. Victorian dead people is probably my favorite and these Casket Cufflinks would be perfect. Can’t you just picture a guy in a rotted out tuxedo with tails, a spider infested top hat, some makeup and these fantastic Casket Cufflinks? Actually I think I’ve seen some movie at some time where a guy dresses up like that for a Halloween party, but I can’t remember what it was. Oh well, he sounds like my dream date.

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