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Claw Candlesticks

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Whenever I am wandering about the house in the middle of the night to inspect a strange noise I always have to have a candlestick in my hand. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do? I think it’s just easier than turning on all of the lights. You can see much better by candlelight, right? Anyway, it’s always good to have a weapon on you as well, but that can be rather cumbersome to have to carry a candlestick and a weapon. Well, with this wonderful Claw Candlestick that problem goes away. You have a candlestick and a weapon all in one. If anyone/anything tries to attack you all you have to do is claw their eyes out. That’s if they have eyes, of course, otherwise you’ll just have to get creative. Be prepared next time you hear a noise and get oneĀ here.


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Cake Candelabra

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I always get very excited when it’s time to check out the new Worldwide Fred catalog. They have the greatest stuff and their wicked humor always puts a smile on my face. I was looking through the catalog to see if there was anything new that I couldn’t live without. I came across this Cake Candelabra. I absolutely love this, but I must admit to being a little pissed off. My birthday was just last week and I would have killed to have this on my cake. I went online to go buy one for next year, but they are not in stock yet. They will be selling for $7.99 at Perpetual Kid. So, in the end I wouldn’t have been able to have one on my cake anyway. Still sucks though. My other problem with it is that it should be black. It would be more dramatic that way. Oh! And it would be so cool if there were little spiderwebs stretched between the candles or even drops of blood. Oh well. I can dream. Of course not everyone is as dark minded as I am, though they should be. It would be a lot easier to go shopping if everything was my style. I know I have mentioned this before, but I really want a store that just caters to me.

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Baby Head Candle Holder

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Baby Head Candle HolderI saw these a long time ago and was so disturbed by them that I put them in my blog book to be posted later. Yesterday I received an email from a friend and something she said reminded me of these little guys and made me decide it was time. Don’t ask. Anyway, these little hand painted porcelain guys are actually called Little Joseph Candle Holders and were designed by czech designer Maxim Velcovsky for the Qubus Design Studio. They don’t come cheap at $100 each, but they do have a very high creepy factor. What I’d like to know is why designers seem so obsessed with baby body parts like these Baby Soap Hands that I also covered a while back. I just don’t know how I feel about hot wax dripping all over these baby heads. I find this to be just too weird.

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Pierced Metal Lantern

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Pierced Metal LanternWhile poking around in one of the cute little shops that I frequent I found this creepy little Pierced Metal Lantern. Well, okay so it wasn’t a quaint little shop with one of a kind items. It was Cost Plus World Market. But they have great stuff even if it is a national chain. Those one of a kind items tend to be expensive anyway. If you don’t have one of these stores in your city you are completely missing out. Luckily they do sell online. This lantern actually reminds me of the thurible thing that priests swing around in church carrying incense. It just has a creepyness to it that I like. I’m picturing it in a corner against very darkly painted walls like navy blue, purple or even a deep red. Come to think of it I think it would look really good in the corner of my guest bath where the walls are painted a deep blue. The light patterns would be fantastic. I have a thing for light patterns because they create spooky images and shadows. It’s all about ambiance people and this will give it to you.

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