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I’ve never been much of a believer in fortune telling, horoscopes etc., but I do find it fun. In college I became obsessed with tarot cards and learning how to read them. Strangely it was not because I wanted to really tell people their fortunes. I just wanted to know how to do it and what the cards supposedly meant. Now I look at it as a fun parlor trick that I pull out for our Halloween parties. I have a fantastic outfit that I wear and everyone seems to love it. I, of course, go way overboard and predict all sorts of weird things. What’s funny is when one thing I predicted actually happens. I just came back from a little vacation to visit Scary Hubby’s family in Philly and as usual we went to lots of bookstores. You know I have to check out the competition. Anyway, we ended up in Barnes and Noble and as I was looking through the bargain books I found this little book called Horrorscopes: A Little Book of Misfortunes. I didn’t have time to look at it, but it had a skull on the cover so I went ahead and bought it thinking it would give me something to read on the plane. This little book is just so fun. It has a twisted horoscope for every day of the year. The book is not for any particular year, so it even has Feb. 29th. The horoscopes can range anywhere from predicting a zombie apocalypse to preparing for impending horrors like your transformation into an ogre. It also lists dark days, unlucky numbers, evil omens and gruesome gift ideas. Such a riot. I highly recommend this book if you have a dark sense of humor or if you just need to discover the horrible fate that awaits you.

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Coffin Calendar

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Sexy Coffins calendar 2010I know it’s already the middle of January, but I have another calendar for you that I just couldn’t not talk about. Someone sent me the link to this site where they feature a Coffin Calendar. I believe the calendar is actually called Sexy Coffins Calendar. This calendar is created by Cisa, a funeral home and coffin factory based in Rome, Italy. I suppose it is a way to advertise their…uh…services. On the page you can look through the pictures featured each month. As I was looking through it I noticed something. Well, first off I should point out that each calendar features one or more scantily clad goth girls posing around coffins. Some of them are pretty cool and some of them just T&A crap. On closer inspection, though, you will notice that in every single picture they are using the exact same coffin. Huh? First of all the Calendar is called “Sexy Coffins”. So apparently either they carry only one coffin that they believe to be sexy or it is just a sexy goth girl calendar in disguise. Secondly, I understand putting the scantily clad women around the coffin, but if you are trying to promote your business wouldn’t it make more sense to show a different coffin in each picture? You too can own this calendar for the small price of $16.95, but if you were looking for a brochure from the company look elsewhere.

*Thanks Angelia for the link

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Black Cats

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Black Cats 2010 CalendarSince it’s a new year tomorrow I was thinking I needed a calendar. So, Scary Hubby and I went to Borders yesterday and I bought one for my office. Scary calendars are not always easy to find, but I did find a Black Cats Calendar that I loved. It made me think of my little Agatha who is going through the last stages of kidney failure. Scary Hubby said it made him too sad to have it in the house, but I said that it was in honor of her and we do have 2 other black cats in the house. Now I know there are people out there that get nervous around black cats especially if they cross their path, but I like to think of them as good luck. Our three black cats have brought us nothing but happiness and love. Anyway, it’s very rare to have an entirely black cat. Most of them have at least one white hair somewhere. So, if you are superstitious about it, just tell yourself that it’s probably not a solid black cat next time one crosses your path. Unless of course you are going under a ladder at the same time, then all bets are off.

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Zombie Porn

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Zombie CalendarOMG! I just came across this great Zombie Pin-up calendar that I can’t live without in 2010. Apparently they have been making it for a few years now. How could I have missed this? Ever since I saw Zombieland a few weeks ago I’ve been obsessed with all things zombies. It may be pics of girl zombies, but who cares? It’s absolutely hilarious. I just hope that next time my car is in the shop getting an oil change I see this calendar on the wall instead of the ususal boring bimbos.

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