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Coffin Boxes

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A while back I found these Coffin Boxes and used them as gift bags for a party I had. I have used them since for many things, but I recently remembered a time from my childhood when I could have used them. As a child I hated Barbies and I still do. I kept getting them as gifts and would then find new and interesting ways to destroy them. Little Scary Jane soon found herself in a dilemma. How to hide the dead bodies from her parents when they were the ones who insisted she should like Barbies, like her sister.  I had been piling them up in shoeboxes, but I needed a more permanent solution. Being the odd child I was I decided I needed to at least give them a proper burial. What do you do when you have a bunch of dead Barbies to bury? At that time cool little Coffin Boxes were not available to me, so I tried to make my own to hold them, without much luck. I ended up burying them without boxes in the backyard. So, take it from me, if you have a Scary child of your own please don’t try to make them play with Barbies. They’ll just find ways to torture the poor things like I did. If you do at least have the decency to get them some of these Coffin Boxes. If you buy them in bulk you can even save money.

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Real Friends Help T-Shirt

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Real Friends T-ShirtI found this Friends Help You Move…Real Friends Help You Move Bodies! T-Shirt and it made me laugh so hard that I ordered one immediately. I feel like I may have seen it before, but I love it! And how true it is. I just moved into a new house a few months ago and finding help was next to impossible. We had to offer up unlimited beer and pizza and still had to get some backup from a moving company. Now mind you we didn’t ask people that we hadn’t helped move in the past, so I figure we were owed. Apparently not. Anyway, what would happen if I asked one of these people to move one of the many bodies I have lying around? I’ve collected quite a few in the basement and I need to start getting rid of them. I plan to wear my t-shirt when I ask them and point out the word Real and then they’ll have to help, right? Who would say no after that?

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