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Bloody Coasters

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Finally! Now when I drink it will be easier to convince my guests that the blood drippings are part of the design of the coasters and could not possibly be coming from my blood filled goblet. If you have the same messy problems I have then you can get your set here.


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Skull Chocolate

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So, I think I have established how much I love skulls, but I’m not sure how much I have expressed my love of chocolate. Of course it must be dark chocolate because I am a rather dark minded person, but if no dark is available I can be talked into the milk variety and I have been known to partake in a nice white chocolate now and then. Bond Street Chocolate in New York has now made it possible for me to marry my two favorite things and have skull shaped dark chocolate. How awesome is that? Order your box here.

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Tissue Noir

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This is by far the coolest box of tissues I have ever seen. Not only a creepy box, but the tissues themselves are the perfect shade of dismal grey. They are being marketed just for Halloween, but I want them all year round in my house! I might just have to see if I can buy their entire stock. I must have them. If you want some for yourself you had better hurry and go here.


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Snake Wreath

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I happen to live in a neighborhood where everyone is very uptight, but think they’re cool. Those are the worst kind. My family stands out, needless to say, and I have no problem with that. At least we have a sense of humor and don’t call the police every time an African American chooses to walk down our street. Pretty much every house has some cutesy wreath on the door. You know the ones I’m talking about. There is the dried flower ones, plastic flower ones, the weird ones made out of different colored balls, the branch ones etc. I personally hate them and refuse to ever put one on my door. It’s so suburban and just drives me crazy. I have a black feather one that I put on my door once, but it was almost too pretty so I took it down. Today I ordered one that I might actually put on my door with pride. This Snake Wreath with the great Medusa vibe is meant as a Halloween decoration. I hope at $29 that it actually looks good, but we’ll see. I’ll probably remove the sound/vibrating box as I want this as a year round decoration. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I just love to piss off my neighbors. Is that wrong?

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Coffin Boxes

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A while back I found these Coffin Boxes and used them as gift bags for a party I had. I have used them since for many things, but I recently remembered a time from my childhood when I could have used them. As a child I hated Barbies and I still do. I kept getting them as gifts and would then find new and interesting ways to destroy them. Little Scary Jane soon found herself in a dilemma. How to hide the dead bodies from her parents when they were the ones who insisted she should like Barbies, like her sister.  I had been piling them up in shoeboxes, but I needed a more permanent solution. Being the odd child I was I decided I needed to at least give them a proper burial. What do you do when you have a bunch of dead Barbies to bury? At that time cool little Coffin Boxes were not available to me, so I tried to make my own to hold them, without much luck. I ended up burying them without boxes in the backyard. So, take it from me, if you have a Scary child of your own please don’t try to make them play with Barbies. They’ll just find ways to torture the poor things like I did. If you do at least have the decency to get them some of these Coffin Boxes. If you buy them in bulk you can even save money.

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Rotten Luck Dice

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Rotten Luck DiceAnd now for the person who has everything…Rotten Luck Dice. This is a set of five extremely cool dice designed by Douglas Little that are made out of a zinc alloy and Swarovski crystals. Each one is engraved with a skull, a peace sign, the devil, the number 13, a shamrock and a horseshoe and comes in a cool black box. Now for the price that’s not so cool…$195! They are beyond neat, but I’m not sure they are worth quite that much. Of course, Barneys is selling them so that might explain the price. If you go over to Unica Home though they are selling them at 20% off. They would be neat to have sitting around to play with. The kind of people that can afford to spend $195 on a trinket seem like they might have quite a bit of luck already and wouldn’t want to risk the luck of the roll. I also tend to picture rich executive types as not having a wicked sense of humor which I think is required for an item like this.

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