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Skull Corkscrew

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I’m not a huge fan of the Day of the Dead sugar style skulls. The skulls end up looking too sweet (no pun intended). They always seem to be covered in bright pretty flowers and designs. Don’t get me wrong I understand why they look like that, but as a style it’s not my thing. My thing, if you haven’t already guessed, is being scary. You know, as in Scary Jane? Well, I guess more kinda creepy actually, but Creepy Jane didn’t have that same ring to it. Anyway, people call me Scary Jane, so it makes more sense. Now that we have that squared away you’ll understand why I am calling this ultra cool bottle opener a Skull Corkscrew instead of a Day of the Dead Corkscrew. I really like the way it looks, especially the arms and hands. Plus he seems more creepy than cute to me, so I’m going with it. Take it or leave it, but you can get your own here.


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Bloody Hands Water Bottle

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Bloody Water BottleAs usual a trip over to the Hot Topic website rewards me with a cool new find. They have a Bloody Hands Water Bottle that is just too cool. Got me thinking though. Why bother buying one for $7.99 when you can make your own? How many of us have been left with bloody hands after a night of fun? Why not find one of your own water bottles you probably have lying around and wipe those bloody hands on it. Let it dry and ta da! You have your very own Bloody Water Bottle personalized just for you. Every time you take a sip you’ll be reminded of that fun and crazy night. If you find yourself with bloody hands often, why not make some for your family and friends for Christmas? Just don’t bother making me one because I have plenty of my own.

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