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Handy Thumbs

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Awesome “thumb” tacks. Very clever, but I do think the magnet version is more fun. Put them on your fridge and it looks like someone is trying to escape through the door. I think they would be more cool though if they were painted in a more realistic way with a hint of blood on the ends. I mean wouldn’t you want your friends to think that you actually might have cut off someone’s fingertips? Of course you could always be a little crafty and paint them yourself. Order your own set to personalize here.


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Soap Fingers

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Okay, I know I did a post yesterday on soap, but I had to write about this soap that one of my loyal readers alerted me to. These are Soap Fingers made by LoveLeeSoaps on Etsy and are watermelon scented. I have no idea what the connection to watermelon that fingers have except that you use your hands to eat watermelon. You get four realistic looking fingers for $5.00. It’s a great price, but I wonder if I could get a five-finger discount?

* Thanks Eugenie5 for the heads up!

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Baby Head Plant

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There are times when I see things online that make me want to order one right away and then there are times like this. This Baby Head Plant thing just makes me want to run in the opposite direction screaming. Did you ever see the episode of Friends where Phoebe shows Rachel how she jogs? Well, picture me running away screaming like that. Something about a disembodied baby head with a plant growing out of it’s eye socket just creeps me out. Call me crazy. I love funky and scary stuff, but for some reason when it includes a baby body part that’s just over the line for me. It’s from EarthSeaWarrior on Etsy and sells for $50. I noticed they only had one available, so I thought after this one was sold, at least that would be it. Almost zero chance of me seeing it at someone’s house and having to stupidly run away. I was very wrong. I looked around at their other stuff and found many more. They even have skulls with plants coming out of them. Now that I can get behind. I wish I had seen those first. Then I might have been able to avoid the night of creepy doll heads chasing me and trying to shove a plant in my eye kind of dreams.

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Zombie Cupcakes

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I’m not a cupcake kinda girl. They taste okay, I guess, but in the end they are just tiny cakes. I’m not wild about plain cake. I like fillings. I know that you can get cupcakes with fillings, but I find they are usually too sweet. I’m more of a muffin kinda girl. (yeah, I know) Whenever I see a cupcake it reminds me of some pajamas I had when I was little. They were bright pink and covered in pink, purple, light blue and yellow cupcakes. Clearly I did not pick it out. I hated it, but my Mom loved it. Lately cupcakes have become so popular with stores opening up everywhere selling just cupcakes. Well, I happened across this book called Zombie Cupcakes at the bookstore the other day and I actually (gasp!) bought it. The recipes sounded pretty good and who can resist a good zombie cupcake? I especially like the ones with body parts because for the few minutes it takes to eat it you can actually pretend you are a zombie. I have no real desire to become one, but the idea of biting off someone’s arm or leg does sound attractive sometimes.

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ToddlerpedeA while back I posted a picture of a strange doll sculpture. As I was poking around on the internet I finally came across where it originated from and a little bit about it. These doll sculptures are created by visual artist Jon Beinart. Toddlerpedes evolved over the years to imitate insects and mythological creatures. “I like the idea that the dolls i use in my sculptures have played important roles in so many childhoods. Personalities were attributed to each doll, which have come together to form a mega-personality… A sculpture that screams ‘Look at me!’

Now you can help him build a gargantuan Toddlerpede sculpture. “Jon is desperately searching for recycled dolls. He needs thousands of plastic doll parts to finish his latest art project, which he aims to complete by the end of 2010. Jon intends to tour an army of gargantuan Toddlerpede sculptures in public galleries throughout Australia. Your pre-loved dolls would help greatly in making an artist’s dreams come true. To donate your unwanted dollies, or doll parts, for this ambitious art installation please contact Jon.” If you are a completely non artistic type of person here is your chance to be part of a piece of art

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Plastic Body Parts Jewelry

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Plastic Body Parts JewelryWhat will artists think of next? This is probably the most unique and creative jewelry I have ever seen. When was the last time you saw a plastic pair of boobies fashioned into a necklace or a bunch of arms turned into a bracelet? Do you have the balls to wear a plastic butt on your shirt? This is a very creepy and funny jewelry line designed by Margaux Lange who is based in Brooklyn, NY. Take a look at her website. It’s amazing what she has done with all of those body parts. She grew up loving Barbie and thought of a creative way to celebrate her. I was never a huge Barbie fan and enjoy seeing her dead and dismembered. Is that wrong?

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