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Ouija Board Placemats

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How fun is this? Ouija Board placemats! So every time you sit down to a meal you can talk to the spirit world and ask important questions like: Will I like this meal? Will I get heartburn that wakes me up in the middle of the night? Will I get gassy that night and wake up my partner with horrible fumes while I slumber in unknowing bliss? All very important questions that can be answered before you take your first bite. How could this not be necessary? Plus they are extremely cute. Buy yours here.

Ouija Board Placemat

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Hot Mess Cutting Board

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By putting tomatoes in the picture I know they want us to think that it’s tomato juice, but I know blood when I see it. I’ve made enough messes in my life to know what blood looks like. You can also get it in a spoon rest, but that’s not fooling me either. Get yours here.


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