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Skull Pumps

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Alexander McQueen, one of my all time favorite designers, has done it again. They have created the most gorgeous shoe ever. The Studded Platform Skull Pump. I am obsessed with these and they even come in my favorite color of blue. Unfortunately, the skull and studs are not available in silver or else I would totally buy them. Yeah, that’s the reason I won’t be buying them. It has nothing to do with the price tag of $1085.00. If you like the gold then please go ahead and buy your pair here.


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Salon Effects

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I’ve always loved doing my nails a little quirky. My normal is having them painted black with one random dark blue or red on each hand, but once in awhile I switch it up. I found these great Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips recently, so I’ve been doing them a lot as well. They go on ridiculously easy and last for a week to 2 weeks. Apparently there were even Halloween themed ones available during October. Sucks that I missed that, but I’ll be on the look out this year. My favorite up to now is I Love Lacey. Unfortunately they keep discontinuing designs, so who knows how long that will be available.

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Skull Towels

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I’m always looking for things to have in my house that don’t automatically scream Halloween, but is still scary and creepy. I think I can check off Skull Kitchen Towels now. These black towels are embroidered with a dark purple skull damask design and made by Fabulously Fierce on Etsy. I absolutely love this towel, but I would love it even more if the embroidery was a dark royal blue. I wonder if she’ll do custom? Yup! She says it right there in the description.They are a little pricey at $12 for one towel, but you have to keep in mind that they are made by one person trying to make a living, not a big corporation. Oh and they’re gorgeous too.

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Creepy Baby Lamp

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When I am looking for new stuff to post about I sometimes search on random words put together. A lot of times my word mixtures do not produce anything, but once in awhile I get lucky and hit upon some uber creepy item. Today’s creepy item is the Baby Lamp. Yes, those are the everyday words I searched on. I was just spitballing. I didn’t really think anything would come up of interest. Wow, was I wrong! I thought maybe this was just a design project or something, but no it’s a mass produced item that you can purchase online from a real store. I mean, really?!? What the hell? I love creepy stuff, but this is just weird. Is it really meant for a nursery or is it just a novelty? What really cracks me up is the cord coming out of his butt. Wouldn’t it have been better if it came out of his belly button like an umbilical cord? This little weirdo comes in various colors and can be had for about $100. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want one for your desk at work?

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Skull Teapot

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Do you remember those dishes your grandmother always pulled out at the holidays? You know the ones. They were always white or cream in color and covered in flowers. I always remember doing the dishes and having to hand wash them because they weren’t dishwasher safe. Ugh. Why did they invent dishwashers if you can’t put all your dishes in them? Why do they make dishes now that are not dishwasher safe? Makes no sense. I can understand the dishes made before the invention of the dishwasher, but now there is just no excuse. Anyway, I now have those dishes and I am turning into my grandmother. Every Christmas and Easter they come out and I kind of feel sorry for Scary Daughter because now she gets to help me hand wash them. Mine are actually quite beautiful and are white with blue flowers. Today I came across this Skull Teapot that I desperately want. It was designed by Trevor Jackson, a Seattle based artist, and can be had for a paltry $1200. It would match my dishes very nicely and I’m sure it needs to be hand washed at that price. It may cause a stir when the extended Scary Family see it which is always fun. My Grandmother may just turn over in her grave, but that’s okay since she’s probably sick of lying on her back by now anyway.

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Skull Clutch

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I was sitting around in my office today feeling pretty lazy and just thinking about stuff. Nothing important, just daydreaming. I started to think about the Oscar awards and how I would dress if I ever went. I know, but stranger things have popped into my head. I was wondering what I would wear when I walked down the blue carpet (aka the red carpet, but they changed it in honor of me!) Not sure what I would be doing there that would get me that privilege. Let’s say I was nominated for, I don’t know, costume design? no… screenplay? nah… Oh screw it, let’s just say best actress for the new goth interpretation of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Not that much of a stretch. I was a theater geek in high school after all. Angel and Spike would have to play the Colin Firth and Hugh Grant characters. I’m such a huge star that I can call the shots. Anyway, I’m a shoe-in for the Oscar, so there I would be walking the blue carpet. What to wear? Well, I know what purse I’d be carrying. This Skull Clutch from Butler and Wilson. So awesome. It sells for a hefty $755.00. Now, let’s say the movie was a critical success, but maybe not a box office success. I could then carry this more reasonable Skull Clutch from The Artful Bag. Still very cute, but a little cheaper at $328.00. Okay, so now let’s say the movie totally bombed and the only reason I got nominated in the first place was because I slept with all the voters. This little Skull Clutch might be the more economical choice at $24.00. Definitely the ugly choice, but still a skull clutch. Isn’t it nice to know the odd things that float around in my head? Now, if I could only figure out what to wear.

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