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Eyeball Cupcake Salt & Pepper

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I have seen a lot of strange salt and pepper shakers in my time, but this one really takes the cake. Or should I say the cupcake. I know… lame, but you snickered a little. Admit it. Anyway, I still say these are very weird. So, not only do you have cupcake shaped salt and pepper shakers, but then they are each topped off with a bloody eyeball. What kind of brain thought that up? Probably one very similar to mine actually and I like it. Show your solidarity and get your set here.


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Gartered Legs

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I don’t know about you, but when me and the hubby go out on the town I like to wear something a little unexpected. I love to make uptight people uncomfortable. Depends on where we are going of course, but I generally don’t like to keep my scary stuff for October. Much more fun to wear something a little demented at other times of the year. I recently found a new unusual item to add to my repertoire. These Gartered Legs prosthetics make the skin on your legs appear ripped and bloody. Best part is they are washable and can be reused, so a solid investment in my book. Get your pair here and please wear them year round and not just as a Halloween costume. Life is so much more fun if you don’t take yourself too seriously.


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Cleaver Purse

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You know that fantasy of getting strip searched that everyone has? No? Um… I guess it’s just me. Anyway, next time your going through airport security on the way to some wonderful destination be sure to bring this Cleaver Purse. I will guarantee that you get a very special strip search. Trust me, it works. I mean I wouldn’t know from actual experience. I’ve just heard about it somewhere. You can buy yours here.


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Bloody Pumps

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“Umm… I think you may have spilled something on your shoes. You might want to clean them off before you walk into that police station.”

You can get your own pair here.


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Bloody Manicure

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Here’s a great and easy way to give yourself a Bloody manicure. I see them all over the place, but usually they look just a little too perfectly drippy and unrealistic. I like the way she does it so randomly and not in cute little droplet forms. If you were to get actual blood dripping on your nails from scratching or some other everyday gruesome activity I think they would look more like this.

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